Uma das mais famosas partida de Paul Morphy - #GrandesPartidas

Most of them useless.They look really sharp!Nice explanation!Because that could be very helpful to many of us :).I'm having hard time imagining a more annoying and more useless video!Mubaligh Cilik Cerdas dan lucu sekali Silahkan klik.I hope to see some more petrosian!Oh I also like the games between rensch vs hess.

I like your very detailed or should i say complete analysis of the tacties !Lasker was an incredibly strong player hailed by individuals such as Korchnoi and Tal as my hero and the greatest, respectively.00 that's great.

In the first several games he's

In the first several games he's

When he plays at the end we get a sense of how fast he's always calculating stuff while chatting.One might even claim that an hour has 22 minutes.And now without a recipe.Hi there,My apologies on reaching out via Youtube comment, however I saw there were no other ways to get in contact with you.We need links to the videos you mentioned please.I believe you will find in a matter of weeks to months that your video card was being overworked if it continues or increases the number of times the screen blacks out that's what mine used to do before it went out.White Castle - Rook - (D7), the black King (E4).(LOOP COUNTER)S5000 M03M08G0 G90 G54 G41 D01 X1.

Romeo Master P need a show like Red Table Talk where they're talking about uplifting black communities, faith, black business, black health topics financial literacy, etc.Don’t do drugs,DoC H E E S E.Sir can i take Only one game with you.Maybe 12 years old design, but still an awesome design.Ok you may say what you like but payet better than zidane no no no no no.

How wonderful it is to get to know the game through these masters!I do believe blind people have less use for calculators then they do for telephones.It was a way to pay the bills, sometimes clients just want to keep the original even thought they can afford a new door.I mean the Bales I hate I like the other!Went to your T-Shirt link and NO SHIRT pockets.I feel like this would be an excellent candidate for a screen replacement.When is the last time Carlsen lost in big games.

He's really living up to the expectations!14:38 those are also known asVixen files.How do you manage to be so unaware of how many videos already exist, suggesting the exact same games.And I juz luuuv Seirawan!" Camera crashes a few seconds later.I appreciate your advice.Great Vid Mato, Thank you!Love to see more Karpov games.Sick evil computer simulated existence.

Stephen: There's a reason why they gave

Stephen: There's a reason why they gave

Fantastic mate well done.I enjoy seeing his technique and hearing him speak elegantly about the game.What kind of trees are we talkn’ here.Sir which websites u use for this board view.Loving the energy and interesting commentary though!11:07 The Legend congrats the Legend.I came here for woodworking.Argen is obviously the class genious.

Keep the good work!Alireza just turned 16 by the way.I know hot cross buns the peporni pizza song.Ciekawe czy wszystkie byy z jednego roku.Am I missing something?

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Fantastic collaboration. Rhia (sorry if that is spelt wrong) done a great job and you can deffinetly tell that your shop setup is way to high for her, great job getting on with it and the gift looks superb.

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When I open a unity Project, it says sample scene and not untitled how do I change that

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great stuff. really entertaining and helpful to get insights of the thinking process. please more of this format, maybe with john bartholomew and GingerGM.

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lol his face

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0:54 GOOD MOVE!!!

Easy Math

mathis fun

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hello mr titan from malaysia . very glad to see your video . may u teach me / us about all the g code in a simple meaning

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It takes 30 minutes to make a pawn, yet chess players just give them away without any care

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Very Good! Perfect...

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With this mode you train how to move pawns, when and how to take with them and how to maintain a good structure. I like

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Hey mato thanks for posting all these tal games. 1 Ques.Why is Tal white in all his games? I get a feeling its out of respect.


Bought the exact same set for $99.Great tools.

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8:57 Sec Rook to H4 would betterRook To h4 check Then calculation continues

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Q cross Bg6 than if Qg7 by white than simply checkmate after Q cross Qg7 so H cross Qg6 is force than Rh8 by white and if king moves simply check mate by N cross g6