UFC 130's Demetrious Johnson: "...Story of My Life- Look At Our Height Difference"

Nakamura’s speed is like cobra snake.I feel a song coming on.I just know CM,Fide Master, International Master, Grandmaster and Weak Grandmaster (WGM :D).The guy commenting here is a genius.Time dilation and multi dimensions of space gurinchi video Chey bro.Sorry, couldnt help myself.Mangnus real EnDboSs for EnDgAmEs :-).

Print this out and tape it somewhere near your computer.5:33 f8 skakmat.Looser is wahshing the dishes next month :).Really nice work.I'm starting to much around with welded support sections and legs as well as using 5 mm metal flats under tops to 'help' the glued panels retain integrity - easier said than done to find properly dried hardwood these days.At 6:46 what about knight to g6.How does it promote pieces for example?Bf1 Qxe1 ( if 3.

When you beatian Nepomniachi in rapidchampionship from that day i am big fan of you i watch it live you are very dynamic player i hope you will come in top 10 players very soon good luck.It is the Zenon problem with Achilleus and the turtle, The limit of the series would reach 2 while people thought it was infinite.Will different expansion and contraction rates cause me a problem.Less than 5 minutes in, and Carlsen's already marked his territory.Yeah I wish I were as weak as Magnus :.Do you have the permission to felling so much trees, do you implant new trees?I'm impressed and inspired!Just tried this today.Deep indeed was the wisdom and craft of Nmenor!Thanks so much for this video.

The pancakes look so fluffy i wanna squish them with my bare hands for satisfaction.This could be a turn in my hopeless-feelings with black as i resigned to play Pirc-Ufimzew.Ung sa Kristala partner ni sandara.Colocar erva a deve d um soco no pulmo.Thanks for such a good video.1:32:16 sums up the video pretty well.I really miss you izzy.I just switched from the Two Knights Defence (Bogoljubow Variation) to the Max Lange Attack and it's really fascinating how many traps are hidden in this attack!Mikhail "zwischenzug" Tal.Even better than that.

I see what you did there :).Wtf wrong with bull.Get Real and Balanced in reporting this!Star Wars nothing but Star Wars :D.I love it so much -.I want to play like this amateur :).Wow now that's a damn shame!To understand the endgame, it needs to be checked with a tablebase which shows perfect play.

8:43 that position is amazing.

8:43 that position is amazing.

3:00 is like where you confront your worst enemy or nightmare.Can you please tell me what is the amount of flour and cocoa powder to use?Thanks for the motivation.8:36 is it that great for white?Hi,I am from los Angeles, I do enjoy and learn from your videos.That is not Kramnik!Please tell me who won the match.Very instructive.

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suggestion Time has been an important factor in both games so far. I think the viewer experience would be much better if you can show each players time when the move is taken. As always, left a like for great content.


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