Trolling in Auto Chess - It Is Super Effective!!

I can tell you that in california everyone is a vsco girl.4 colours only work if areas don't meet at a point.Good job Ben :).My number 1 senator.It is very useful to beginners.Check out the movie Highwaymen on Netflix.Whose the hottie in the picture (not Anna) but the other girl?I can't stand people that keep playing positions like 12:47.

And I know it's only wishful thinking ?One other thing I do keep in stock is wet tissues, it is very useful for getting glue cleaned off the wood.Of cause the y coordinate can be zero without the X coordinate is At the Maximum.3 he's asking $110 for on Craigslist.Lol simulated beam.Does anyone else reckon he sounds a little bit like penguin from Gotham?

He has been executed now there is a video of it.This video was so helpful.Ang galing ni lodi long.Objectively those rooklifts are usually useless but of course they are usually based someting like this" Maybe i got something on the kingside" Objectively there is nothing.No one:Not a single soul:C H E E S E: )(.I wanna actually express myself through the board.

Odiyan kuzapamilla.

Odiyan kuzapamilla.

It is best ever channel of chess in you tube but black is always seen as not good.THAT IS SO MESSED UP.On a 3-dimensional checkerboard.Do NOT come back with another scenario response where you know both tree counts. Very nice videos.

Sir you are greatest mathematics teacher for me.The best song for YT.Kinda like a mix between Serial Killer Files and Seriously Strange.The pawn's a really dirty fighter.Very instructional.I might as well do something good with it!Is pressuring the enemy to make the wrong move fair.India map was DISTORTED!The opponent is giving Chance to win the girl.

A. G.

3:00 me when i was born

Proti Lipi

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9:04 Disagree. Every point on the board must be possible or none of them are and a line is just a connected length of points.

Thiago FSR83

As a Brazilian, thank you for this game!

Jason Bell

At 1:05:16, Ben moves his rook to F6, in the crosshairs of Ginger GM's B2 bishop, and Ginger doesn't take it.What would happen if he took the rook?

Suhaib Shibi

Which cocoa powder you have used?

Ryan Slocum

Hey Suren, are you ever going to show the answer to one of the chess puzzles you published a while ago? Thank you.

William Howard

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chris hayes

You took to long. To play

Pio Sian

Excellentisimo! Impressed by the work of a man proud of his product. A modern day Stradivarius of guitars.In 200 years your pieces will fetch a Million $.

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"God hates liars and I hate liars."Did... Did this guy essentially call himself god?

Awesome Duck

So fast at first, didn't see the opening

karthik keyan

Where do I get the textures from..??


First of all, the music was spot on!You were amazing dude! My eyes couldnt keep up with my brain, I mean, the moves you made were faster than...I think they put something in my drink

Sean Godley

Fritz is the engine I've always used, so I guess you could say I'm loyal! Also, I like my videos to have a homogenous quality - if I changed to Rybka now they'd look completely different. There's really very little difference with them for what I'm doing, I.e. analysing GM games. Admittedly Rybka is stronger - so if you're making your choice on strength, that's the one to go for. Fritz is a very good teacher though and has many training facilities - which may be something to consider too. Sean


AT 10:38I see the Ne3 move, then taking the FREE rook. the other way won anyways, but this seems like the best move to me. Am i not seeing something? i'd take the rook vs Knight any day....

Mike Humphrey

Wow good job! Is that just soap water that you use in the ultra sonic cleaner?