Tricky Towers: Like Tetris, But Not - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS

That's just so poor.That's fantastic, sir.(in the black tub).How come no one is talking about how cute Noen is?Great game by Tal.

(sorry for the lack of info, I don't really know how it's called but I hope you can find and use it to make your life easier ).It looks beautiful.We have the same birthday and are both fans of filmography, star wars, and horror.

I read the entire quote therefore I'm an excellent subscriber.So nice to not be constantly working in a cloud of dust in the shop with shavings everywhere.4:00 that’s my friends that don’t watch twoset.Danya should wait until Magnus was ready to start.Please make a list of them and send them to me.I do remember the V2000 but it would also be interesting if you could do a video here of the really early 'home' videotape formats i.A man of many talents:-)Thumbs up and subscribed.

I was wondering if they gave you

I was wondering if they gave you

Quite a f-ed up story if you think about it.With such success title could be "vs Jesus".There are jobs but they shouldn’t cost you money!It would have put the rook on d-8 in danger, and the bishop, while blocking the rook and queen from moving forward.Limx-infinityx(-1).This world would be a merrier place - Thorin Oakenshield.Do you put this furniture in your home?Get yourself a pack of briefs at.

Its giving 2 errors saying const char

Its giving 2 errors saying const char

Hes grown on me.So can u pls help.So does anyone else find Sam totally absolutely adorable?This isn't rocket science.That's a lot of hard work.Think that's the most intense I've gotten over a board game in a long time!Are they playing with their own money or is this tournament style with free chips.Hell ya Mike this one was sick!Timo trabalho, estou iniciando no oficio e seus vdeos esto me ensinando muito, obrigado por compartilhar conhecimento.I'll agree being too close with the stairs and fire place, but my compliments Sir.


no eye or ear protection?


Why don’t you use flex seal clear?

Van Khanh Vo

You cant capture the rook on g8 becouse queen h3 is check mate. 6:38

Chal Fish

I always felt patronized when educators/people in general talked to me like this when I was at this age.


Neat looking desk.The CNC certainly makes jigs come out faster and tidier.Interesting how you made the template.I figured you would have cut both halves of the template on the CNC then dominoed them together.Thanks for the video.Cheers, David.

Shibin Thomas

Jesse Lopez

Thank you Mato for all the Tal videos,Hopefully I can find the killer move!

erick ramones

I've always liked to be authentic. It is painful to me seen a sort of repetitive pattern in the IT culture in terms of clothing and jokes, like for example most people in the Q A is wearing t-shirt with some logo on it, say the same type of jokes where there is somebody that has few knowledge on IT. I hope this in the future is more about technology and less on whatever role, Hollywood wants them to play.

Robin Sobari

I love this series and it helped my improve my play a lot. And the satisfaction you get when you see the best move for the current situation is just a little bonus

Merih Ozuguzel

Great job man

Jenny Fabillaran

Im so proud of you sir .Roy basa God bless poh sa inyo at sayong pamilya....

Ferreira Motos


Jeff Hirata

Who won?

Captain K

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That's very tacky flashing up ads for the site while we're trying to listen to a serious analysis

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