#TradeTalks: Did the Options Market Signal a Selloff was Coming?

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Oceania as well?

Oceania as well?

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Perhaps you had the wrong

Perhaps you had the wrong

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DManu 1978

Holy cow, learnt more about physics in these minutes than during the last 41 years

Reuben Griffiths

nice board. what make are your pipe clamps? where did you get them from?

Clam Digger

4:24My great grandmother lived to be 98. She was born in Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland. They did not have electricity there then. Every year on her birthday, the entire extended family would gather to celebrate. The last time i saw her, she was sitting in her Rocking Chair watching Coronation Street on her Tablet.


you lose hp loser

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david shine

Play big fish or hikaru with that opening

Kim Alexander

I think AI would learn faster (less generation needed and less iterations) if you shrink your field size 1/3. Because AI collects too much useless data when goes forward with no obstacles and no food.


romantic chess

Chris OLeary

Without further ado,let's check it out!