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So daring, so brazen, simply brilliant.Like: The perfect comedic timing a side, that slight rumbling coming from the right could literally be from a scripted comedy-movie, it's so fitting and good.Oii si Diane at si Bastardo no nga pangalan nya doon ulit?

Impressive, very impressive.At 18:25 is a copy from 4 the ppl.He's speaking in love and respect too.Would you like to be YouTube friends?You didn't mention the quirky nature of genuine in18s,the digits dont quite face forward on any of my tubes and no 2 tubes are the same height.Cover the sticker in a little puddle of water, leave it for a few minutes and the sticker should become soggy then you can peel it right off!Oh man, if instead of 20.

Nice work mate is that a scotland flag i see on your ford?Leave a like if you do!When I get to a site I tend to cut a wooden track for my circular saw.I wanna tell you something there arepalastine not what you Said.He use the piano to coding and playing chess at the same timeDAMN.To his credit, he resigned at move 11 after I feasted on both his rooks leaving him with a knight and two bishops.

 You say it fast and don't show

 You say it fast and don't show

I wish all the suspects and criminals were between 30 and 39 so I could hear you say "tihrty" in that awesome accent even more, hahah.Why not queen A3 and then B2.Not that it's necessarily a good move, just for terminology?Does he think he-s making chess more exciting?A real picture of a King fighting he's own war and being in the first line, he was literally defending his own queen and the rest of the army, lol.Yes I am posting this in both videos.Illuminati Confirmed.Keep it up - we're paying attention!You did not show scripts you are using and i cant find those scripts :(.Know they have the answer to one of these MaleFemaleLiving being interacting communicating game engines and video game creator programming softwares.

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I bet you would like to cut my one. It about 14 years lol

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4:12 do/did you play Mount and blade?

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Um that fish is not a goldfish it’s called a koi

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