Top 10 Most Solid Chess Openings vs 1.e4

My favourite part is when it goes cough.Because of your rook?His Chessmaster 9000 ruled!When the player burns time on the clock.The name Troitsky comes to mind.35:57 good guy Magnus tried to give his opponent the win he deserved.Please investigate the Brian wells case it's fucking fascinating.

You are an  excellent  teacher and player !No joke what you can do is nothing short of Awesome!Single most valuable guitar lesson I've ever had.That lawyer is a little too giggly about all this.You stated you watched videos on steaming but you wished to testit yourself (Paraphrasing here).A knight and get 2 for 1 now.10:56, why would you not play Nf3 and trade rooks?The screws keep getting stuck or stopped.

I want to be in

I want to be in

What kind of wood did you use ?Brilliant live commentary.It must've been so distressing to be sitting across the board from him.I renewed respect for real professionals.Quadratic formula seems easier tho.What am I missing?Anyone wanna play on lichess?Russians always treated others as equals in all respects, civic and legal.Yeah, if middle or low class people want to play a game, or we get it from someone rich, or we use piracy.

Watched whole video.

Watched whole video.

With dominoes, Matt constructs an AND gate with two "blockers.The orange and lue ones are just more complex version of hanayama shift puzzle which is level 3 and has only 4 parts.Then, cleaning and mending clothing.What the actual Hell is so funny?This video was produced December 2, 2009!My favourite video on YouTube.White is screwed by losing one rook?Thanks for sharing.Magical masks that only work for medical stuff but not for the general public.I've heard using end grain is better for cutting because the knife cuts into the fibers instead of across them.

Checkmate when rook goes to a8!You should also say its the guy on the right, im lookin at the left guy like where did he cheat wtf?And funny to boot.Galing talaga ni jm.You don't have to even look at the screen.At move 10, around 6min, can someone explain to me why pawn to B4, winning the bishop doesn't work?I found king to h2 in 2 mins, now am over confident and will go on a losing streak thinking I am the bosssss.

Two of the top 5

Two of the top 5

King can't take king in the actual game of chess either.You, Simon, on the other side are from South England, where you speak English (Germanic language group) which is the same group as Norway and you seem to struggle there.Stella, as in stellar, or space.Use code victor for 15% off M3S3 apparel.It's unfortunate that I was born so early.Sorry but that is it.

Which I can then factor and when I take the root of both sides I get the answer" and work out that you split the constant up and factor that but before taking the extra bit to the other side.Wish i had a pic to send you.Capablanca is my guy, I'm lazy as well and would have never seen this.Also, black's final position against the white king looks like Larsen(?"Hello Everyone!Me: Going to kitchen fixing food for my catCat: AppearsMe: I'm gonna fix food for you :DCats: Starts flying, moving stuff with his mindMe: holy jesus kitty cat 0:01.Even the handle could have been made from a spoke, but that's difficult to say from afar.

I apologize if I did not get it correctly.Then again he is the US Champion for over 4 years :P.It might win the d5 pawn.Title should be Carlsen blunders his queen to his opponent, but his opponent blunders back.13:45, that’s what I have been waiting for!The folk who think it is patronizing have issues with understanding the nuances of the English language.To sum up the game, both players made terrible mistakes that allowed them to go for beauty of rook sacrifice by both against each other and as it is said the one who makes one extra mistake loses the game, Lasker proved this fact by doing so and hence White resigned in absolute losing position where no more mistake can be done as there are not enough pieces only pawns.I never heard anything about this before.Love the rolling pin.- some smartass on the internet.

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Is it just me or do all these games look remarkably similar

Bom Trown

I like to draw the outline of the board and then draw two intersecting lines at the approximate horizontal and vertical middles of that shape, resulting in four roughly equal squares. Then draw four lines (2 horizontal and 2 vertical) cutting those four equal sections into 16 squares. Then you draw one more set of 8 lines (4 horizontal and4 vertical) cutting those sections into 64 squares. Then you have a chess board!

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Ok take some titanium and make a running v8 make all parts from the metal plz

Mike Smith

Where do you get round stock brass for the branding iron?

Rene Figol

17:38 Gotcha!

Eric Cortez

Beer and shop towels.

Evelot PvP

How is he not just the best Chess player, but also a godly basketball and fotball player lol.

James Atkinson

If number one wasn’t Queen, this iPad was going out the window!

M3D1C Dan

6:38 definitely the best part of this video LOL

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Vishanathan you are a great chess player

David Saint

1st like

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Seeing you work 21:50 I think you really could need a nice set of files.

Tyler More

Do one in brass... copper looks good though, but brass and the dark wood would look trick )

Daniel Au

the chessboard shown in 2:29 is actually the starting Chinese chess, not Go, although you can make that position in Go

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Just watched your first video for me today. I have been watching stuff spin in chucks since I was 7 years old. I'm 61 now, been retired / disabled for 10 years.Worked everything from automotive machine shops, tool and die, precision grinding and as a machinist in the USAF. I love your video and your easy way of explaining what you are doing. I really liked seeing the use of a manual machine, everyone wants to use CNC,...blah blah blah. Those old machines have soul and have true personalities. Your lathe seems to be an 18 to 20 inch swing, but just how long is that bed? The last job I had a carpet plant had a 17 foot bed and 36 inch swing with no gap. Those big old lathes always taper up close to the chuck. Nice job on the roto-cast bushing. That's tough ass stuff to get a nice finish on, much less keep a tool sharp.I'm looking forward to some more of your videos and have subscribed.

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Inside map tools what is name sir,,,?

g arunagiri


pan evrophia

Yet another cracking analysis. Grazie


It leads to mate in three: Qc8 Ke7 Ra7 Kf6 Qf5

MC Pham

$70 worth of material $930 worth of craftmanship $4000 worth of Marketing/Branding