Top 10 Most Popular Anime On The Planet

I mean she rocks.Please give us the link of it.Two knights defeat two bishops every time.I would love to see you "forming" some threads.But real infinity means that there are no borders.He is not only grandmaster but he is also magician.Do you have an idea why the keyframe animation isn't working?It's worth every penny.

Haha, my Computer is actually HPhelp me.Not very interesting.Level: Extremely hardAn 10-year-old Asian solved in 30 seconds.What is happening to the world when people can't even bring themselves to appreciate the efforts of someone with some actual skill and talent ?Lol sooo your upgrade kit comes with Haribo gummy bears?Zwei wochen vielleicht?What about knifes with curved edges ?Nice play on tricky didn't see that coming.Horrivel melhor na mao.

Not you to me, but I

Not you to me, but I

This is hilarious.She's so beautiful.Best video ever.PRC couldn't stop the economic downfall but they don't want to take any responsibility for it, so they let this virus out of their P4 virus laboratory in Wuhan, deliberately let the virus do even more damage to the economy and kill more people so CCP can blame everything on the virus.Amazing analysis.

I feel like king safety

I feel like king safety

Also, even in theory you wouldn’t be able to free the cloned beacause to divide the clones you must leave the last position, and as you need to use all of the positions it is imposible.You are a man of many talents jimmy.Do you sell stuff like this?Assuming none of these work, we know that at least one of 7 and 8 is charged, and maybe both.I write down the card and its position, namely the favourite number chosen by the amazed party.Based on hisher playing style.What kind of paint is used?

Do you worry about wood

Do you worry about wood

42:16 don’t mind me just a replay time.Is the board from a different chess set ?May you give the toughest challenges in the years to come to everyone, happy birthday Indian Tiger :).Excelente trabajo!You just get a new one with the same capacitance and voltage rating, then make sure you know which leg is positive and negative, they have an arrow on the negative leg.Wow, 12 Year old Magnus just wow.I use two G clamps and my trusty workmate.He does a lot of steam bending but with ash.Why restore - It's just getting started- check this out:.I like the outcome, because Vidit has allot to learn from his last 4 matches.

But in those cases you at

But in those cases you at

I feel bad for black.Thanks for Damiano Gambit or whatever it is.Or any planning on the methods you used?The original shape of the wood was great and you cut it into a circle then gouged out notches to fill with resin.I think he was surprised loosingTo be fair I didn't really a lot play blitz, but had a decent record playing 20 minutes games.So sad that he retired.Did anyone notice when Moe goes into the tunnel from the basement with the dog, that the kitchen had the nutcracker looking down at him.Nakamura is our senpai.

You say "again" so much it becomes distracting.Bhaiyaa jiiii apna hee dimag challa lette naa.Ty alot my friend.May I ask what did you use as a final seal coat on the woodtop?I hate to say this but it was way predictable that this will happen.

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Raphael Osamoor


Target Physics with Neeraj

sirmore videos pls

chanuka wijesuriya

Raqui M

Damn now I want wine

Elmer jhun Jallorina

nice nice .. more exciting than cavs vs gsw caruana is really hard to beat


I may not be able to speak your language MTM.....but it doesnt matter when your work is this good!

Pascal Gienger

I am late to the party but effectively those sound bursts are the complete program. It is loaded after each question completely from scratch not erasing the registers containing the players' points.It is quite a marvel.

Stan Webb

I see the Demon Murphy does not just live with me he does visit other people.... oh meoh oh my oh....

SF atoms

Do you know The Legend of Question Six?No. But, I have heard of Darth Plagueis the wise

Roman Kenney

This was great guys.I just got back into chess after 25 years and finding this reminded me so much of Highschool chess team.More of these please.

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Bill Boholst

where can i play it tho?


Now this video is another excellent example of why I like youtube. Thx for making these vids. Cool tip on the bamboo chopstick for cleaning file teeth. Those Chinese invented a lot of extremely useful objects. Also, I'm reading quite a bit about silver mining, and I'm thinking "ouch" quite a bit as I'm seeing you snip away and grind away on that silver wire/ribbon. What, if anything, do you do with the "waste" silver?

Randy Webb

Doesn't Knight e2 at 55:00 force a queen sac?

Danny Sene

Disgusting cheat