Top 10 Fascinating Attempts at Creating PERPETUAL MOTION Machine

Pete is like the real life equivalent of Del Preston from Wayne's World 2.Never seen a eight year old blitz this fast I wonder that's funny maybe it's because he's Asian!What am i supposed to take from this video with this diagonal view?In the end mine turned out to be pretty good and actually I use it more than my other planes so.Have you ever documented how you mounted it ?Loved the camphor laurel wood.Well if you cant see the lazers, well how the hell are gonna play that?

Ito yong taong marunong

Ito yong taong marunong

H enginewhy wouldn't just you showed the opengl instead?You would make a fine German spy.0:37 TO 0:39 NICE ROOK MOVE.Wow, its a very nice chess trick.I live in sunny Florida that rains half the year.

Hi I'm trying to learn chess so that I can make long eloquent speeches while challenging my mortal enemy to a game of chess while wearing a flashy suit and making hyperspecific threats to him.Apologize for my ignrance.Did he actually say "quiet the haters"?This is Universal, we have to copystrike you for use of the guitar.Sees Morphy in thumbnailMe: ahh yes, the good stuff.

Damn, that is

Damn, that is

Do you even know the guy?Peter, you are a great player, really, one of the best, love your sense of humor.Excellent you have a new subscriber!Is that a 17’’ mbp?So, I wanted help to bypass his security and test his potency on trust.

Gbor Krlik

What about extending the problem in 3 dimensions and instead of a line we'd have a plane?


Nice video. Hoping for some more tata steel highlights!

Fnaf Central

Dude Decent: we hit the cup, alrightDude Perfect: are we a joke to you


That is the most beautiful table.

Rico Sanchez

Dumb question: when you promote to a queen when your queen is still in play, is there a standard way to show the promoted pawn is now a queen?

Paul Milligan

Titan- Just wanted to ask you a question, SLM technology has to operate in a perfect vacuum, obviously you know this but it was not discussed in this video. How does Mathias respond to this question, what are dmg mori's ways of dealing with this very important safety issue. Is that a issue that would prevent a little guy like me from utilizing this technology or evensomebody with a big successful shop like yourself from going out and buying this machine....

Trevor Hawkeswood

a magnificent game! sacrifice in the end clinched it!

WFM Sadie Lee

I guess his Pepe got hard.