This 7-year-old boy will blow your mind away! Meet Vivaan Saraogi

Congratulations for 30 000 subscribers!GetMouseDownButton ( )) to my Testing script, it throws this error NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectTesting.There is a very unlikely but not impossible chance the mouse will never land on doors 1 or 7, if every time it reaches doors 2 or 6, it moves then towards the centre.Saale gadhe ghoda socide karne ke liye rakha hai.I've only got one daughter, but I've had her out there mixing it up with the tools since she was in diapers.God bless you to.All classicalrapid games should be shown this way.About 46 minutes into the video you moved your queen to e2undefending your c pawn.

Why does this video's ID look like a product key?Aysa surgicak strike sirf megician hi kar sakta hai.If anyone's interested in relating this to physics, note that in this game space is strictly quantised a priori, but the size of entities in that space is not.When 'Put a sock in it' was a literal option.Am 40 nowbut this is soo awsome and shame we dident have this when i was kid.

1 Dalarnaindiyala evlo bro.Wonder where she went.When you were cutting the feet with the bandsaw, I noticed that you left it running while you got the second one.I do not believe that there is no way to make the process even more laborious.Anyone else here because of the worlds fastest game video.

You use straight linseed oil?Very talented man.Looks like metal dust !This whole video was a delight to watch and reminder why I've been watching your videos for some undetermined amount of time (sorry, not since day one, although only because I didn't find you on day one).I could see sadness in paul's brother eyes ?

Karol Ossowski

29:08 I see he's the man of culture aswell


Abi ka yeri var oda apraz


I like how he's a good sport about it though, actually publicly praising the guy and admitting defeat in the most sportsmanlike way.

Mark Wilde

Bernie is the worst possible potential anything for America.

CB Tube

Not hard as I thought it was to figure out the mistake

Joseph Paszkiewicz

At 20:43 Eric missed Qg7

Laurent Pierard

I al cr10 and working well

Fu dochi

I have thrown away winning positions and am now losing and the opponent accepts a draw. This may be out of pity or relief.

A Singh



Lincoln it’s OK I don’t like sorry either

Bubba Zanetti

I heard "right angle corners can be a bitch" lololol

James Reeves

I looked on Lee Valley i couldnt find plastic templates you showed to make cuts for ends of rails and stiles for raised panel doors

Hassan Amin

Looking so good I hope I can make it perfectly

fox b5

Hey Rob what did you think about Joker?


Ok audience, before next match,gurgle with some water from Ganges

Marcus Cheng

This is so easy solved it in 15 seconds


I didn’t lookat the upload date so I was confused

Payden Randolph

until the..... until the WHAT? haha

Matheus Rodrigues

People go to these events just to cough, ffs