The World's Hardest Game in 5:19 With 0 Deaths

Im glad you changed carlsen picture.And how to choose the correct RPM?Love your videos!Oh my god that night moves joke was pure FineGOLD.

And I'm for sure improving!You seem to have a mass amount of cut off material.Love the look of it as well as the functionality.Blessed is he who picks the right sport.(play zeitgeists music).God damn you are a beautiful person.

The book also shows several designs and descriptions on the materials used for different woodworking processes and also the directions on completing various processes properly.How could Anand win.Maybe should have tried testing with "gaming abbreviations" like g2g, gg, wp, gl, etc.That ring finger could be gone in a heartbeat.There is no reason just insanity.Very time consuming but.See, I watch violin videos and I’m not forced to WANT to play violin.Not the strongest line of the King's Gambit.This is so enjoyable.

Those 3 pack

Those 3 pack

Engineers be like.A very fine and meticulous job.Wow this is so complex, mind blowing, and fascinating at the same time.Love these videos, keep em coming.It's impossible because the second row will be full and the last stone in the corner can't clone more than once.We will surely do a good business in future.I can't believe it still works.Google will tell you Eric Rosen is a supreme court justice, although he wears a Webster university shirt (there are even pictures of him with a chess board).

It was basically your superior tactical skills that won you the game.I'm preparing for a chess tournement and i want to learn how to win every game and keep my composure.With a pastry blender, cut in butter, working until mixture resembles coarse meal.I always watch Ben Finegold videos at 2x, now if I put normal speed it seems like he is talking in slow motion.Little Lincoln.I have a metal Slinky and I'm 11.Maybe it was just the demographic I grew up in, but I don't think rental was popular.In my 70 year love affair with classical music and a failed attempt at a concert piano career, I realize that I can hear a Ravel orchestral piece 200 times and it just gets more and more and more emotional for me.

Forking around the

Forking around the

I always wanted to be a serial killerbut i couldnt handle any more long sentences its not good for your mental health.Loved the lesson, no wofflling on, typical Georgie, straight to the point andNO wasted time listening to uninteresting questions.I just finished rendering part 3 guys:) I'll upload it as a 1k subscriber special, hopefully soon :D.What are the rest of the rules?He deserves to shine.I have to agree with your wife much too beautiful for a workshop.


Reminds me of Dan Heisman


holy crap xD


Coca C-ola! May I use your Dictaphone? No, use your finger like everyone else!

Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow

Nice to see Alexandra is still a thot

Rild Keta

You need to read more my friend if Sud Italy was greece why They spok Sard language and Tosk (ETRUSK)who is same with Albanian language and is not italian or greece if Macedonia was greece why they Speak albanian language 90 % why half of greek people are Arvanitas (albanians) why in Italy are Arbresh (albanians) why in turkey are arnavut (albanians) why they are not greeks? and when Alexander whas greece why in albanian Alexander means A LE XI Ander = hi is born like in the dream ..Greece dont egsist We are the Story yllirians frome the sirius star who named all the world Like A FRIKA = is Scary A MER ICA = GREAT AND BIG PLACE TO GO ARGENTIN= YOU FINDE GOLD AND ARGENTINA IS FULL WITH GOLDTROJA=Country (our Lands)Sparta Spartans = Sword , SwordsmanLeonida = Leo ni da ( is born a dragon)EXCALIBUR=IS NOT BORN THET MAN ( TO TAKE THE SWORD FROME STONE)Achiles=ak i let ( he is light "fast")Every Single word who the greeks think was greece or "ancient greek" language has not a Meaning in theire language. why ? ( because ancient greek language dont exist) if the story is this , why they dont have a REAL FLAG who means something, who have story in it Like Macedonia have the Sun becouse Illyrians were Pagans albania have eagle with 2 heads and 33 feathers who means ( E3=8 infinity)Here Some "Greek" GODs with albanian translate Zeus-ze (VOICE)Afrodita- Afro dita (morning)Medusa-me du sa ( with 2 voices) POSEIDON-POSEDON (OWNS)ARES-AR ES (HE IS GOLD) AND THE GOD OF WAR WAS GOLDEN ATHENA ( E THENA) SHE WHO KNOW EVERYTHING etcThe beautiful is this we 3 mil Albanians make wareverywhere where we go and Show that we have bolls still in 2020 .. what greeks make they dont have our warrior blood they cant say they are spartans.SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH BUT I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND 22=4

A Hint

why cant i watch your videos with my ipad...?

Lee Sailer

imaginary numbers are real, but they are also complex...

ghislaine peulson



Why does he say B2 like that?

Stavros Gakos

I need a panel raising plane, so... let's make one :)Materials:piece of beech woodan old plane bladeboiled linseed oilshellac orangean apple - jonagold )Band saw - Record PowerIf you have any questions or sugestions just write a comment.Enjoy!

Claude Rains

Could we have an Ivanchuk vs Caruana game?

Le Cobra

I fall (and fell) for the first example. How many time did I overlooked threat because I was too focused on my "perfect attack"? I've stop counting, one thing is sure my rating would probably be at least 100 points higher if I would take the time of checking things before playing...

rey bongganay


Shining Darkness The Fallen

Win connect 4 with 4 promoted pawns. Win chess. Great stuff eric

Mrinal Das

Knight to c6

Dylan Quint

Awesome as always.Man, I wish I had just half of tools at my disposal that you've got.