The Witcher - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher Extended

Saruman was always evil, he and Sauron we're like best buds or something so of course he happily took Isengard for his dark master.Excellent craftmanship.And sorry, but the test sucked!Wow not a single ad in a 10 Minute vid this man is strong hearted.Working under Roman "not rape rape" Polanski.

It could be Hammer on Carlsen's handle.Dpt tuparin ntin ang gusto nila for us.(alcoholics anonymous?

Y blue do yellow

Y blue do yellow

Can I use electric beater to beat this cake.Microsoft has no taste.19:41 no dont do it mech dont comit self die.She saw one at a flea market and remarked that she had one as a young girl.This is a very cute psychological ploy against the stronger player.

Wang hao so nice and funny guy, always smiling.Does the money come with abuse because if it does I don’t want it anymore.So I now use my track saw to cut plywood sheets down to manageable sizes so I can do the final cuts on the table saw with the incra fence and mitre.Why are the severed heads of the king and queen of France in the bed?Ngl I play like affliction759.Cool video, such an odd game it seemed like you didnt make any mistakes yet somehow the position just slowly became worse and worse.Frank heard us roasting him in the comments of past videos about being too extra.Can you put the Audio back as it was please.

Okay where do people keep get that music for the porno part of the video?Only thing I did differently was use the router to make some handles on the side.Well now, it is a tinker toy.17:47 was funny.The bishops have been heretics.Professor Zvezda is awesome.4th or 5th game, early queen sac for magnus.


For me, the most logical move, is d6...1. e4, e5, 2. knf3 knc6 3. bc4 d6...or 3...knf6 4.d4 d6...

Cory D.

Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropus

Orangeboy Playz

The coward will win no cyborg will win


I've always wanted to learn how to use a speed square, I knew enough to cause me to lose lumber lol. Thank you for taking time time to teach us.


Amazing games Jerry! Keep these coming its so much fun!!!


Very cool build !I can't make the same because it looks a lot like a small school desk :P

Aayush Baral

Nepali speaking...Jai Nepal Visit Nepal 2020


Sohardoh... Im lauhging..

Benjamin Uliana

So awesome a channel. You are like the Bob Ross of coding!

Kayinfso Here

Wonderful job, and video.  Thank you for sharing!!


11:48 rock to h1 or?

Abdul Rizwan

go ben!!!! raaaaaawwrrrr

Ye Olde Bard

Wow! I hate it! (Not the video, the math)

George Chanturidze

"but king has to defend his wife" lol

Mark Callaghan

I hear combs are also available

Pragadeesh S

Can you please clear me this, as Zara have to move 5 Right's AND 4 Up's, shouldn't we be multiplying 9C5 with 9C4 ??? Couldn't get this part alone

Robert Miller

DUDE!!! BRO!!!Dude don't fall thru the floor!


like th 102

iveli Adam

Who is winner?

Gaming Samuri



A smart guy named Gauss .... bit of an understatement there.

Felix Manalo

he won from a blunder

lety Sal956

Only rob! Flushing books down the toilet! Jaja! .!

agus serang banten



Is this guy reading stuff of wikipedia? He's setting it up in the beginning when he speaks of Albert Durer

Baily Hyslop

Me thinking about the 2020 launch (whilst in 2020)