The Veresov Attack: Chess Openings for White 🎓 IM Valeri Lilov (Part 1)

Grischuk: My whole life.Nice to watch someone on the other side of the world restoring a tool kit that was made not more than 15km away from where I was born.If you don't mind me asking how much is that worth it looks like you put a lot of work into it and it looks absolutely beautiful so I was just curious and how much that would sell for like two or three hundred or something?

I was going to use pine shorts for the legs and laminate them as you have.Ammonia NH3Ammonium NH4.Such a great idea.I kept saying stay humble chess stay humble smh.Yoda is named raymond?Im playing it with the app MCBB(magic chess bang bang).Black can just use their pawn to get their queen back and had a bishop to lined up.Very eye opening to you guys character I’m impressed.Man jinx glasses are fly as hell no lie.They’re ALWAYS BIASED HATERS!

Would’ve probably tucked the

Would’ve probably tucked the

It's ChessNetwork.Carl was a badass.Are there plans to purchase for the building of this bobsled?Odlina partija,pozdrav!(Continued on the next comment.Okay, but what if black's King starts on d4, d6, or d8?As for the couple who played games.Its Alexander Petroff ofc.

Is that guy checking out someone's position,

Is that guy checking out someone's position,

Do any of y’all have pc and steam so we can be friends I have no friends.Hehe i remember when i learned chess (I,m ranked 13th place in sweden that is U12 if u count with FIDE rating).Gambar game clear.What's the thickness of the table?Mato and Tal combination has produced very entertaining chess.Looks like it's running away with him.I love them talking about how hot the guy was.Top 35 c tiu chun lp 6, 7 thanh Ha ri yeah.Nepopustaj vise Djuro.

If Bxd3 and Qxd3.

If Bxd3 and Qxd3.

Can't even beat world's number two LUL (Kappa).Thanks for the screws batch sanding tip!How come his speedrun starts at my rating?Have a great Christmas.I keep seeing john popping up.This makes your Tal videos especially compelling.You are funny :).Its a parker square :P.We love you and Always support you GRENKE chess Team.Te monety pokazuj moje cae dziecinstwo.

Dami na dedepress na

Dami na dedepress na

Fun is that recently in a banter blitz game Magnus said Van Foreest should stop studying the italian and study the scandinavian, so maybe he was hoping Van Foreest followed his advice when went for e5.Ever heard of sous vide?Classical music isn't dead.Where did you get the branding done?Hey you're always welcome at the Woodsconsin shop to play on my lathe and make something cool.In the game versus brunodog which move would you suggest if white played move 6 Nh4 instead of b3?You are our lord an we praise none other than you.

The only thing

The only thing

10 should be world war Z.Just look up The Pigeonhole Principle.Only a real top can assemble this thing in under 4 hours." Im with the spirits.Great explanation.

mavis adomah kyeremeh

How will you stuck if Styrofoam was a cake pls

Alexandro Souza

Parabens linda massa eo bolo ficou maravilhoso pena q nao tm como esperimentar kkk

Around the House

Great build, thanks so much for sharing.


Longer videos are ok. It helps explain why a move was played and why the alternatives are worse.


Awesome board!

Skip Luker

When you see a comment from 3 YEARS AGO

romain ferreira

You missed something so BIG at 16:11. Rather than Kf3, you should have played Be6 and pin the queen with the king that was game ending for black. In 3 sec of reflexion, of course it's pretty hard to find the best moves but that one was hugh

Nitesh Rajput

Bachi ne puri kosish ki well played

Angel Avril Barrozo

Yasss I'm early for the first time

The Automaticist

My first opponent was my dad whenI was five. Could barely understand what was going on but my dad went easy on me

Draqon Fruit

1:31 i just realized: was that a futurama reference?(Also shout out to two set violin)


Great stuff...............

Aayush Tripathi

4:10 That would be literally be a "golden shower".

Laina Mahinay





Bru-tal game

Brian Sinclair

Wow! Anand wasMr Cool in this game!

Dniel Virg

The Best John Williams Theme Ever.

ribhav soni

After a long time ive watched such a crazy knight sacrifice after game 6 storm of the century Really admire firouzja hes growing everyday might even become world champion one day


There was no muppets at the end.

VITA kyo

14:42 Rook to f8 check , you get one queen back ...


It is no fun for the clones, they want their freedom, freeeee clones!!!! Cloneland.

Jesus Antonio Pimentel Barreto

excelente master.!!!!!!!!