The U.S. at the World Cup - GM Ben Finegold - 2013.08.15

With that being said.He did the hard job but didn't do the easy one.Super useful thanks.I love the design of this chess set.An absolutely fantastic piece of work, but at 2:41 dude, fingers!However, it took me about four days to fully do the puzzle.Thanks for sharing.Wobbly long objects.

For gd c the

For gd c the

Compared to books and coaches, it was very easily explained.So what I'm hearing is you had to get a 3 year old mac in order for current budget friendly PCs to compete ).Oh and thanks for all the great chess!What dimensions do you use for these builds?Info dong, pengen nh.How did he watch Dexter in prison?

"suboptimal moves'' - but

"suboptimal moves'' - but

Gorgeous chess set presented by gorgeous, intelligent lady with a sense of humor.Thnk u for the recipe.This guy is pretty good at chess, he should play professionally.Okay, auto subscribe!This video does not prove Earth is a ball flying through 'space' at millions of mph in a number of different directions, is it 5 or 6, maybe even 7?Going to use this design for a hobby desk I started planning on building now.One small issue in code : When u hit the bottom of the arena and then if you rotate, then the game piece will cross the boundary.I have a few questions.

A8 take rook promote queen.

A8 take rook promote queen.

Beds are Burning.Can you help me understand the purpose for zeroing on the step of the jaws?I just happened to come across this vid and the title got my attention.I hate the official's.Maida in grm batado mam.Ok, Chess made their minds great, now what will they do with those awesome minds besides play chess?

Only if you

Only if you

Hahahahaha 4:01 ORIENTATED!I heard it's like $30 so I'm keeping it in it's best condition!Bxg6 %clk 0:15:35 White wins by checkmate.Watch the other guys, this guy is a mistake.Is there anything you would have changed, knowing what you know now, with the guitar?He wasted so much.

One more please

One more please

He hadn't mentioned in this video if capablanca had opening knowledge or not.When they have the boss fight LORD TACHANKA CAME AND DID PEW PEW IM FINA DRILL YOU.An absolute dream, relatively speaking.I am just too slow.Hold my bishops.I think this will have a profound difference.Bruh i’m too high.Your videos are great.Fantabulous game.

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This was like watching Tyson Fury beat up Deontay Wilder.

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Looks good!


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naran jero

Big agree with drie on chess...even in the Ored battle when it was good that amm-o lim-o orland-o flow runs for way too long


How can anyone not understand what he is saying, it's fairly simple.


2:43 another Fox conversational cluster fck.

Lana Campbell-Moore

RIP to all of his victims


Those trees throw off the entire scale of the diorama.

Chukwu Dube

12:00 As Euwe probably knew Fisher was going to play Rb6 to exchange rooks next move, what's the idea with playing 28 ...Rg6, wasting a move (instead of e.g. playing Qg4 right away)? Are there any subtleties to notice that explain Rg6? Thanks in advance!


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Tuna Semih

11:06 rook to f7 checkmate


4 CUTS ON THE BAND SAW !!!!!?????? I HATE CLICK BATE !!!!!!! But I like your channel and this chess set subbed .


Well, do you find these sort of puzzles entertaining? I so then I did not ment to address this message at you.I appologize to you if you believe I am attacking you in someway through my general comment. I also will admit that I was not able to see who you are talking to, so it was a mistake to tag on your comment. ( .)

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one of thebest tutorials I ever seen, great job !