The Turk - The First Chess Machine Documentary

There are nearly 7x1027atoms in one human body alone, it’s absurd to think there are more chess games than atoms in the universe.I wonder why agadmator did not enjoy his sip of water today.Rocking the mkbhd shirt.

Because the Queen makes out with

Because the Queen makes out with

Bloody brilliant.Worse than a pawn, pawns can move forward.Sir, I am Ihsan, seeking jobs in Mechanical Engineering platform.How much can you sell something as amazing as this?IGN: Dale JSKIN: LEOMORD.

Adobe edge animate is missing.

Adobe edge animate is missing.

I think it'd be awesome to watch you play live at a tournament.In my experience (51 years) of steam bending, double, triple, or quadruple the stated time in the steam box makes quite a difference.You talk so fast and repeat yourself so much.You make look 22min.You are looking great Ben.I bet you were proud of that, Brady.All those poor babies either suffered or dead.

I have a cleaver that is the same as what you made a case for and now I can follow your lead on making a case, thanks.Yes, your right "Opening does not make you a better player", but don't know opening make you worse player.Great commentary throughout, every move had interesting features.Videos too dark for my liking.Your audience want to get informed too.You have the perfect set up!If I'm not mistaken the losing side queens first.3% chance to also have white and a 66.) Not only what tools bur all the things that can be done with basic tools.But you havetoallow turning your head around, upside down, to get all of it.

Oops wrong person.

Oops wrong person.

Such a nice channel Agadmator!King c1 dxe5 11.My favorite video video in a while.He will be the best.When Eugene said Alexa turn on hard metal music, my Alexa blasted hard metal music.

I only had 3 pieces left.

I only had 3 pieces left.

Can i add powder food color.Frontend Masters is spot on.Some serious paternity going on here.Im the only one sitting here.How did bllack get to that position without losing the knight.

Anna: The Queen always stays on her own colorFischer Random: Am i a joke to you?  LOL  Great win!This channel should be called number pi le.If people stayed home during sickness.How crazy that Australia disarmed the general public to leave peace abiding citizens at the hands of the likes of Milat.

George Petropoulos

Watching it again since no upload on this relaxing Sunday 15/10/2018 !

Nguyen Thi Hoan

nu n i g6 th sao 3:45

Quantum Information

i can only play daily game

Ed Harm

Thank you sir for your inspiration to others and wish you well on your mission He has put you to task, take care.


Did you call Knights horses? Next you'll be calling Rooks Castles! :P

SaSa Vlog

Dreaming Dreamer

I was just a little let down by this one. They usually have more details. Like what set off his first kill, how did he meet that woman who turned out to be his undoing, why did he confess to all of those murders,etc. Still love the channel though!

mark mcdonald

Wish I knew someone like you when I was starting the Trade.