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Robbers don’t do it st night unless you live in Detroit or in a third world country looking at you England, robbers will most likely go for targets that are not home, during the day, and most likely will immediately run if the cops are called robbers are looking to make money not to jail they will move onto the next house and will look for open valuable items so he’s the cans will work but their are also those robbers who go the extra mile.How many people did hekill ?Is that how chess enthusiast go wild?Whats the song in the background?Is this the chess version of age of empires?

Injection molding.

Injection molding.

So obviously lvl 1 means 1 kupa.Beautiful table.Barnacle Bill was a faggot.Lmao, I got a shirt from Chris's opener and he was a dick, so this makes me feel extra validated in assuming he was juanfyre.I mean- seems pretty important.

Danya should wait until

Danya should wait until

It is not difficult to understand why Bach was so devout.Beautiful music, thanks.Please bring ginger gm in the final game.Just a suggestion, because I LOVE this channel and hope it thrives.I loved how the game was rewarding: aside from his difficulty, not that bad for that period, considering AI limitations, I always thought that some of the better animation came to getting the most rare kills ).So every gamer has to be on Steam or wut?

I think something very important is missing

I think something very important is missing

For british poeple these are new facts.21516 2012- 2013 (3) 2600.What a great company.They're both great, I am doing both.Checking the Queen.Beautiful table!I have technical question.The heat sink and overall maintenance.

Anshuman Pradhan

How to make this


Do you own a dog house?

Sisanda Henna

great content, wrong choice of music, music disrupts from the story

Binu K.G

2:08:38mani chettan padunna song ethanennu aarkkelum ariyumo?


0:00 - spirited away: always with meits so beautiful


I think putting the ratings in isn't that informative and more of a distraction.

Hinz Manssor

waoooo yar excellent


Um um um um

Walter Rider

thank you Matt

Edison Parinas


Dan Rhoades

Thank you.

Marcia Kolk

Oi tudo bem? Sou do Brasil e adorei seu vdeo um abrao!!

Jatin Kaku

awsome loved stability, oxidisers like laughing gas nitric oxide and oxygen, the barking dog experiment, parachutes, recoil, apitamy, large rockets the size of a building, combustion without the air oxygen from the air, the centre of pressure and the centre of mass/gravity, the whole deal of rocket science.

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Andre Santos

Naka preferring Rafa over Federer made me even a bigger fan!!

Aries Radke6

It's stupid