The Time Zack Morris Sold Chemical Burns To His Classmates

I don’t get the Firips joke?My taj Mahal see and tell me how is it.99% of people are blind compared to the vision he has on a pool table.A sad side effect of these engines is that I couldn't care less about human chess games anymore.Dont think the club likes the shoe that much.Shoulda offered a draw in the final game lol.Don't like the price, though.There are 3-4 different kinds of birds searching the leaves.

Demek ki olumlu bak kanal alntym.Is that created in a previous video?0:04 When your late for school.Mato, why not 13.The programs spawned several suicides, homicides and overdoses.Alpha comes before beta in the Greek alphabet, so the name turned out to be very acruite.At 2:50 you said knight captures e4.

Alternate title: Dispiriting my opponents by OHKO’ing every opposing pokemon!Amazing DIY video, building one now!Maybe it's due to it don't have a skirt?Cornbread like to play defense expecting his opponent to play aggressive, The kid used a better strategy pulling cornbread out of his field, this was a good play by John.That's pretty awesome.That is absolutely beautiful, do you have other pieces you have refinished?But a4 is a new move.Keep up the good work.

Nf4 %clk 0:07:49 Qe7 %clk 0:09:19 11.

Nf4 %clk 0:07:49 Qe7 %clk 0:09:19 11.

Carlsen Alphazeroing his opponent to death: 1:39:24.Just noticed the bottom of that shopping list looks a bit sketchy lol nice one slipping that in.Daniel standing there like.I like it so much.I love your project.My math teacher was a genius this whole f'ing time.

6 weeks into the global

6 weeks into the global

Nepomniachtchi is no slouch, so even more impressive.Sinon ganyan din buhay ko fromes iwan ko ba bakit ganito Ang buhay mahirap mabubuhay Kang mahirap mamatay Kang mahirap.Skip feelings got hurt by LeBron's comments.Why stupid chess players are being proud of being stupid?Such an epic game!N)(4k³ - 6k² 4k - 1)etc.

The nose knows I guess.

The nose knows I guess.

D6 after D4 is an attempt to enter Lasker's Defense.The cost is also rather low compared to the alternatives (medical grade stainless steel, platinum, titanium, tungsten, zirconia ceramic.Listen please - Is there anybody out there who can hear me?I guess it was because most pictures were taken from a distance and you didn’t see them.I liked how the vent pieces went into place.Imagine Fischer tal and Garry play this brand of shit chess.I made it to 6:52:17, and I am commenting as you asked Eric.Not only did i learn a lot from this but this guy was funny as hell.

Nice to see young

Nice to see young

Kramnic has been my pick since day one.So where do you get the jig?Mrdragonlord: if Kxf8 then black cannot deal with Qf4.Sure there won't be as many uses for it.I don't get why there are only 4 outs of 6s.

kaiky -.-

Um dia o baianinho vai jogar ai


It is me, but im baldie now.

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What's the over-under on Trump using this to suppress the election turnout?

Tillke Rohkea

Cures cancer, gets killed by corona

Srikant Viswanath

For some of you that may not be aware of this fantastic book(almost authority in this topic): "Designing Data Intensive Applications" - By Martin Kleppmann. Highly recommend this book

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France is the same color as germany

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Let's play the guessing game,who am I?

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who's here from Artifexian


23. Qxg4 on that last game. Sad when you missed that. :( If he replies 23. .. Nxf6 you can even drop 24. Nxe6, and he might resign from the sheer brilliancy...)


That is one of the most beautiful desk lamps I've ever seen.

IndioDaFloresta - Gameplay

Your phone ?

Melissa Carr

When you were in the Attic I heard a voice say .. don't leave... Scared the hell out of me

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I keep thinking about CNC welder as your next project )


Awesome lathe work!I don't understand the title though.How does it supposedly burn without fuel?

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Debtoffflipwordpresscom sent me money online


Nice! Who else found it last minute? :)

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