The Tier 0.5 Armor Sets [1/2] - Azeroth Arsenal Episode 7

I thought the light square black bishop was outta the game the whole time but pops out finally in 10:31 hahaha.(I was crying nearly the whole time)p.I think this is crushing his king.Your videos are just fabulous.

Best interview by farNow u needa getbig juice tha sup!What is it and what is the reason?Thank unicetutorial.Awesome work btw.That’s kind of cool.Honestly actually did think that was going to be the move.

19:02 I'm literally yelling at my tv Turn your lights off.Fun Fact: Python actually supports the 3 equals signs!Nobody:Millenials: oh my god,that is the most sexist board game name ever.Really your explanation is wow.Superbe travail bravo.Really sweet great work.The microphone from laptop is basically the same quality as his microphone haha.

I wouldn't have that heart to do such things to my kids it hurt so bad to have them whyyyg would u kill them like no wayyy.Nonsense puttingthe header up first.Mikhail tal Was in age of 49 where as Anand in age of 20 this is the reason of Lost of Mikhail Tal and It was last days of Mikhail Tal's Where Anand Became Champion of New Generation.Thanks for the review!THE BLUE BALL WAS SO LUKY.

Magnus is an absolute beast but time will do it's thing and Firouzja will take over at some point.My lazy solution:first day - 6x123second day - 1 or 2 remainthird day - probably remain 1 in either case for balance4th or 5th day - 0 seeds remainAfter just "the second day pseudocalculation" I knew it was about several days.5 is not complete)trees remaining 2on day 3 no.When cake is bake it's design disappeared So what can i do now.How excatly did he capture the b5 pawn?Curve pandra antha instrument peru enna.I bet u have thousands of orders for this!

But the automatic

But the automatic

Tal in Talin I love it.Can’t help but wonder if the police and media outlets aren’t in cahoots.Hpp no such directory.An awesome program you might benefit from if your interested in woodworking.Kahit anong maging hadlang sa relasyon niyo kung kayo, kayo talaga.

The fraud or oversight is at 5:00 where the sun that is held up is not a light, if it was a light, then it would not answer to small angles math, and it would appear massive and take up all or most of the sky.I heard a couple of her bars in her previous battles!With dominoes, Matt constructs an AND gate with two "blockers.It's difficult to watch the game sideways.Lol nakamura is not this guy you are acting liek as if he is normal no lol he is legend at chess.Any suggestions?Lefties are less common.I made a simple site with mimo its new for me, i wish i had computer :( man its sad seeing other people having fun making games and Playing then, thats sad :(.

Toad o

Wow, I would like a few of these machines and the people and skill to develop.


Well done girls

Chrono Ray

Fabulous. :)

abdul waheed


Matthew Anton Garcia

Do you analyse each game before youUpload or work as you explain the game?

Wood'n Metal Shoppe

Nice design. How stable is it? Does it tip easily?

Michael Mendillo

I dub this game the,,,, "Banko Blowjob"

Moody broccoli Guy

For people who never got to play catch with their dad

Deshawn Real

In other words: We corporate now fucking with these white folks and dumb shit can’t be tolerated or we lose.

Janti Kusmo

Bit too much commentary. 'Neither player wants to lose'. Really?

j mtz


Justin Casar

That kid is annoying. Seems like that nerdy kid that gets stuffed in a locker on tv shows.

jewel MaGs

Thank you sir, continue to share a blessing. Thank you so much!

Bill Carroll

Superb build, mate. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you turn those wheel handles.

Mark Gray

wouldn't it be infinite?