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How about Qe3 third move of black.The issue is that if you reach it late you miss your flight, now let's say its a holiday vacation.Qh5 Kd8Ba5 wins the queenIf Qa5 g6Bxg6 Kd8Ba5.Actually this was forwarded to my husband by a friend.55:02 Rxg7 wouldn't just win the black's queen?

I can’t believe it took this long for someone to demonstrate the proper use of vegemite.My fav chess game ever.Magnus looks like a mongol.Can someone tell me why the black play SF6 h5?The opponent should be smart enough to know that Nakamura was looking to promote his pawn.Has everything and full free!Interesting selection of games, insightful analysis and commentary.When is the finals?

Lol but that will

Lol but that will

  Which is what we suspected all along.If you are black and if white starts with e4,which will you prefer the most1.That's a great combo for carmilla.And Princess Meow Meow stickers on your tools are awesome.Well that is my deduction anyway!It's very confusing to me.11:05 ned:excuse me RachelRachel:WTF is happening.Each has a functional or structural purpose, some decorative.Every month I put money in to index fund and at the end of the year invest will be received or grow and I just leave it there ?You need to arrive 2 hours earlyMe: alright, I’ll arrive 3 hours early.

Great project, but never ever embed lights.Based on all variables, what was thefinal draw weight?Thats really cool!This game was incredible.This gorgeous track plays throughout certain sections of Hogsmeade section at Universal's Islands of Adventure, including the end of the Forbidden Journey ride!I can't believe I did scenario 3 in my head in less than 20 secs.Thanks for the info baby face.Heres matt parker with his university of tijuana online school purchased doctorate explaining why you cant divide by zero.Bobby might not be the greatest chess player ever, but he is definitely one of the best of all time and unstopable in his time in the early 70s.

I feel revenge be coming POG!

I feel revenge be coming POG!

I'd love to replace the red plastic sides of a Swiss Army Knife with brass pieces like these.In riddle 2 it was mentioned that one pile of grass doubles everydayand it takes 10 days then if we are taking two piles then they both double everyday that means on second time they will equal to 4 piles, then how can it take 9 days.I think leaving the pieces as it is.Awesome job on that.Let's test him anyway !A definitely excellent job in craftsmanship as well as in the creativity of the finished product.Excellent sampling of jigs!In my head I knew it was 4 instantly, but it gave me answer without workings.

A Deathless run.I love at the end how magnus shake hands.Beautifully haunting music, just absolutely love it.Kramnik speaks tamil.U guys are amazing.5 billion dollars and you couldn’t make tires better Goodyear to the rescue.

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Why didn't Petrosian instantly play d4 at 2.46 ?? It would be a so nice move, but Petrosian played like a beginner.


When he was looking in the Attic before he or as he freaked out it sounded like someone whispered don't leave


31:25 - could someone explain what happened here?

Reynaldo Carulasan

i love this vid

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American been racially wreakless Trump just brings it outta ppl cuz he appealed to them for votes. He's a salesman


Really bad opening play by both

bryan mao

4:45 cudn't rh1?


So I called the move, and even worked out a bit of why and the consequential moves, but I don't see why the end of that works out in whites favor?


6:46 bishop can go f8


As stupid as Shatner's sequels to Generations are I would kill to see a movie adaptation of that trilogy.

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What model Roland and what is the stencil mask called? Thanks!


Ok 10th comment here lol




is Eddy okay?? it looks like he has a cold :(


You talk too much.

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Memang terbaik


I'm out

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Actually the final position would be drawn if it was a normal position, because white has a defence of frontal attack of the king and a pawn, checking the king from the 1st rank. It would work if we removed the position for 1 file to the left. But exactly in this position this defence doesn't work because of the mate threat with Kf2!

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Chessbrah- They look to the left side all time, i suppose that they look PC program.

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Well this was delightful to see. Black got a much worse position than I often get with the Queen's Indian, the few times I get to play it makes me feel good lowly B-player that I am. Thankfully my opponents are not to the level of Giri or AlphaZero.I know many commenters seem to dismiss Giri, but he is 11 in the world with a rating of 2763. Wang Hao is 2762, Mamedyarov is 2764, and Radjabov is 2765. Not bad company. He has incredible preparations, coming up with novelties very deep in a line that was thought equal. He doesn't have the attacking style of Grischuk or Nepomniachtchi, but few do. I think his chances are equal to anyone except for the clear favorites Caruana and Ding Liren. But as Agadmator says "It's chess, so anything can happen."

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Me(12) and my brother(8): watching harry potter.Mum comes in:what are you doing?me:watching harry pottermy mum joins us. after a minute:falls asleep.Me and brother: AVADA KEDAVRABrother: ouch that probably hurt

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These are the winter games.

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1738 ay