The strongest female players in the USA compete for USD $100,000 in prize money

Beautiful cutting board.I don't have an instant gratification monkey.It was a good video with insightful commentary about typical strategy, however this just seems like another slow positional win by Carlsen.

I have a doubt 1.Try it with Gary kasparov?Never heard of her.I defeated GM Gligoric in a simul in 1975.Beautiful table and I loved the interspersed Kobe moments.Watching this made me a bit dizzy.Before "Big Think" became "Big Brain Politics".

There free bishop tho.I have yet found a good way to get it apart, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it, so it's currently functioning as my ladder to the loft of my garage.But another 'crosshead' gets the boot in, JIS.Qxh7 Black has no counter play, so white has all the time in the world to just take this important pawn and then promote his own h-pawn.The Qb3 Bc4 battery is my favorite weapon in the Giucco Piano Evan's.Oh wow, just cheat.

Strange during infinity war- simulating hundreds of possible ending in their brain, then picks the best, thus the long pauses.21:22 why not Qa4?Lol live n let live.I would not be playing chess with no crack head.Probably double if not triple the price of the set from this video.Agadmator is really good with the pronunciation of names.4:21 other possible checkmate is Ra5 (im chess player :v).This my first time watching.Are you available for acoaching purpopsoes reading books dont improve thought process you are 2700 plus payer yaar you lefvel is different and our level is 2400 it is below that super gm levle.U deserve every viewer's sub and like.

There was really never any format "war".Go to Germany that is the place where machines are invented, the rest of the world is either copy or buyers.To add weight to some chess pieces I made, I used a large bolt in each one.I'm here to see the agadmator game (1:55:20), even though he played horribly, lol:.When watching your video,then i realized that all the tools u make is simple.I wonder what kind of software they used to make this animation.Sorry, but I think you over restored this.J station found my girlfriend on the dark web and all his videos is really awesome.I learned so much about what a machinist can do from watching this one video!At 1:40 why wouldn’t Carlsen play queen A4 and capture the Bishop?

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I sent it to your house

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I understand that this was a "project".I would also point out that this is not the way to rebuild an anvil.If it works for you, that is well and good, but what you have might be better called something other than "anvil". :)In the smithing world, Vulcans are regarded as door stops and boat anchors... with good reason.But if you just need a surface on which to go taptaptap, it may be OK.

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6 : 05 why carlsen didn't played Night to c7 forking the rook and king

Romeo Jones

Good shit better than that other stuff I've been watching. Twas fun

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o verdadeiro show comea aqui me ipnotsei.

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Awesome Tutorial... You really have a way with words and can convey the process without making it seem boring... Cheers...

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No kidding.My favorite chess player of all time!!! <3

Kan Rup

cant wrap my head around it. if lowest possible is a point, then a line is a series of points, a 2d is and array of lines, and 3d is a stack of 2d, then at that point the 3d is a big point / sphere isnt it. :/so 4d would be a big line of 3d spaces? stumped.


6:52:17 I just made it to this point! I've been watching this video on and off since you uploaded it. Maybe in two weeks I can start on part two :P

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I only like the laser

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8:19 isn't Bd5 good for white? the black Queen actually gets pinned, or is there something else that I missed?

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Happy New Year 2020 thank you for sharing enjoyed watching

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So young musicians!




hikaru dressing up like goku lmao


Sick game OMG!

Johannes Borchgrevink

Peter Svidler has to be the coolest, most likeable supergrandmaster ever! Please make more of these videos, Peter!