The Sims 4 - Launch Party [13]

I am very upset.This is how you be.Omgawd that is sooo coool looking!Marvellous series of videos."Time to shine" Lyala in mobile legends bang bang.

It would be better to have a real board gameand show your moves and the thinking behind them at a slower pace.I love his conversations.Anyone else thinks Black playing like stupid.At least post the moves in the description so that we don't need to watch those silly "jokes" in the middle of the game.Watching Hikaru play is more entertaining than watching people stream Fortnite, mostly because he acts the same way that some Fortnite streamers do lol.What an amazing survival thing to know with only using 25 bricks, and splitting just one brick.Just that the Arashi gave him early confirmation of his hunch, command and leadership boldness, and a few extra pounds of aviation fuel saved by throttling back and flying direct and straight.He said FIRED those those son's of bitch's.

Even if you flip the whole deck over, you would have 52-13 which is 39, which is odd, so nnnhmm I would say no thanks friend.And WHAT video production skills!Who is this gentleman in the back?Bobby Fischer’s 21 move recommend strategy.I have watched several of your videos and admire your talents.I don’t think I’ll put much time into it.The whistle mite have been a they make a whistle if there scared.

I modified it to fit my vintage saw.Basically what material to select for the type of print.For AM, that's just synchronous demodulation.20 years laters Linux still not user friendly.Hummm now that might be a minute.I love this video!Dude, why do you always put weird faces of this guy on the thumbnail?Only if you could get a little Smokey effect around it.You pawn center is.Can you explain how you found out the number of distinct solutions?

I like how chill the music makes your

I like how chill the music makes your

But as the game went on he saw the winning way.He studied the game afterwards with a computer.One thing is certainHe is worst cameraman.So if sin where measured the sentence for having cheated in a heterosexual marriage would be that the male experience a sex change or only 250 thousand dollars.Love the way you presents these gameplays.Tj iz kojeg programa je ova ploa?When I understand the video I subscribed immediately.10:19 why not Nf2 winning a rookbecause if Kg1 then you have smothered mate with Nh3 which is a double checkand forced Kh1.I can'trecognize ?

Mark Hall

This is not a mere boat. It is an elaborately constructed means of escape from whatever troubles the human heart. I want one.

Frenando Valane

Great movie

Cruddy Pr3z

Ima street Nigga...I took All My Bitches to Court Dates...Gecchi

Travmeister Greencron

a1 bro, got my like.

Richard Solomon

I need to buy or make some good parallel clamps


Feb 23, 2018

Dave Pathaniya

Me during exam 3:47Me after the the exam 4:26

Fatiha Remmas


Halsuaal Channel

E4 is the only move i gained

vishal sharma

This kid made a killa.. My grandfather's brother ( sunder babaji) taught me 20 years ago...

Stanner Tarn

Hey Andrei. What's the computer program you use to design your work called?Thanks


Is it just me, or does a race with Ryu sound like a "ride or die" situation?

Ffuukk Yootoob Ffuukk Yootoob

Interesting that the Bishop is called a Camel in Hindi. In Fairy Chess (variants of chess that utilize other pieces, board configurations, etc. -- Wiki it) , the Camel is actually a Knight variant, which instead of moving 2,1, moves 3,1.

Rowan Nel

What if he blocks with queen then I capture with Bishop to d5 then he blocks the check with Bishop thus the white bishop being attacked and Queen being attack

Black Venom

Beautiful chess !

Ataturk Shirinov

I think stockfish every time loses after 2 fold repetitions. It means to eat engine you need drawish game and then go for a insane outcome after 2 repetitions

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Nakakaiyak hndi papigilang tumulo ang luha.

Alex Reid

What does he mean at 1:44 that as of move 8 we have a completely new game. As in nobody has ever reached that exact position before? Is it that common that same moves are made in chess this had to be noted? Just wondering.

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First video of 2019: crayon tableLast video of 2019: crayon tableBalanced, as all things should be

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Time stamps??? Please


Wonder what size machine would be necessary to make a full size V8?

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wtf at 0:39 rxf7magnus is magician