The Sims 4 - 10 AWESOME Tips & Tricks!

At 5:28, 23-Rh7 f5 is Blacks suicide, it should have been Rh7 Ng6.Much respect for making these videos big homie.Spoken English classes cheyandi Anna.Yes, he was worse and I'm not great at chess, so I can't say for certain.So why aren't wood screws threaded to the top?Hope I helped lol D.Many shops have run.This one game Giri is not interested in a draw.

I’m not gonna be disgusting but I have to this timeThe almond paste looks like high exposure diarrhoea.Just say you turned on invincibility.I think it would look much better if the coins weren't new.

8:53 the sped up

8:53 the sped up

There was a lot in here I didn't know, so I learned something as well!This looks like something made by one of those DIY channels, which actually wouldn't be such a bad idea.I like to do the chamfer with a 45 degree router bit.Well done, well explained and Good teacher.What's the underlying meaning, "If I did have that obsession, then just imagine how good I'd really be.Kingscrusher This game took part in a tournament between University of dallas vs turner company u can find the link in chessbase i think before some days.Puzzle me buzzle.

I love dileep atta.But watch out for the Electric Dragon.There are many super interesting lines after this point - put the position into the engine if you want to see some real brawls!Grabe,ako kahit suportado ako ng pamilya ko sa pag aaral ko ako lang talaga hindi intresado sa pag aaral nakakainis ba't kasi ako ganito.Well worth the effort of watching if only for the entertainment value,thank you for making the effort.Report for nudity so the workers of YouTube have to watch the whole thing.Taking your advice and leaving a comment.I want to repeat what others have said: I really like your calm and matter of fact narration and as a growing player I really enjoy the analysis you give with the multiple options each player has and the kind of consequences that brings (e.Would we have had gained an advantage?I've awaited this message for sometime.

Fabi in beast mode.

Fabi in beast mode.

The correct expression is, of course, "get two birds stoned at once"." And I say "Always.11:07 Friday always comes before thursdsy the week before that piticular thursday.My analyzation:.Thats freakn amazing.You need to write the definition of Linux?I have made a shooting board but discovered that the sides of my No7 are NOT square to the sole!I didn't understand the first one.We love you Ben.Why they changed the rules?

Thanks for putting these videos out!It had nothing to do with her being a girl.Ivantchuk was very nervous.My favorite guitar diy ive ever saw.That's our Indian culture.At 3:35 white queen to d5 would have put check to black forcing a trade or the loss of his black queen i believe.Planning to reading a good Karpov book particularly his positional masterpieces.My wedding cake will definitely be inspired by your work of art!Alpha is seeing the future within move 7.


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Suren, I really enjoy your chess videos. Despite English is not my language, I perfectly understand them. Greetings from Italy .

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Somebody please get Anna some box cutters lmao.

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"The most poisonous rook that ever strolled the D-file." :-) :-)

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At his age I was 13

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Thumps up po sa inyo sir roy

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You say "again" even when you say things for the first time


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According to Soundgarden The Sun is A Black Hole

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Who is this guy? He needs to go play pro


I'd rather stick a pins in my eyes....just saying.......

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Thanks for this video! It's going to help me for my scholarship exam!

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Am I the only one who still dont get it.

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awesome work

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2:45:00 what do you all think of Bxe6, fxe6, Qg6 threatening Rxe6

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Brilliant. Really good job.

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You don't have a failure. You've just found a way not to do it, (Thomas Eddison).In your experiments try it with green timber.