The Sims 2: 50 MORE FUN LITTLE DETAILS not in Sims 3 & Sims 4

Until now atleast.Ja ma mega geil.You did very well considering that you played the top players in the world !It is "aa,lyee-heen".It's really interesting!Is this gender bender jacksepticeye?

So sad the

So sad the

The pieces are in a bad order.2:18 i dont see future for this rook so are the kids in this class lmaoo.He's holding onto that thing for dear life.Steve please create a book of Caribian pirates Codex.It's like brainvita.I love how higher rated players cannot accept defeat to lower rated players that simply out play them.Wait that's all from ninja Hattori.Can you explain the YouTube algorithm?Qc7 it forces black to play Qc8 and then Rd8 wins.Dammit Eugene why are you so good at everything.

That laugh right there is the new meta tbh.So painful to watch.Weird Al Shankavich was my favorite Prohibition-era mobster too.13:36 knight to e2 is checkmate.Please tell me can red velvet cake be covered with fondant that has cream cheese.Left corner black!

I never use star

I never use star

Gave you my like and suscribed, thank you.I will love this series if you continue it to more complicated endgames!BlackWhiteRg1 Ka2Qxd3.I have an elegant proof of the Riemann hypothesis, however I’m afraid it won’t fit in this comment box.Thanks for this video!Agad the chess hustler.Weird flex but ok.Obviously you have to have intelligence to be any good in anything, but these machines pump out accurate, extremely accurate parts repetitively all daynight long, as long as you change your roughing inserts periodically.Does Bert but balls on his armpits?


I could tell the white shirt was going to win the way blue shirt was thinking and hesitant was a dead give away almost a no brainer for white shirt chess expert.

frankos rooni

Perhaps the USA should have better gun control?

Eric Kleefeld

Since you guys aren’t Mac fanatics by nature, you left out a key part of your upgrade adventure: After booting to the Mac desktop, going to the About This Mac window and showing off those new specs being fully registered in the system.


Gee, I wonder.

Gary Wayne

Has nothing to do with the video subject, but has anyone noticed the semicolon (instead of a colon :) used in the timer?Nice video, thank you!

Jay GBardo

Too much talk and history...go through the moves and options... then talk history.

Mille 2 Mille

When will the other videos be online?

Ho Nguyn

I hope i can download this video to repeat this again and againFrom mobile user

Darren Lane

As much as I like watching your videos, I have to stop buying tools because I see you using them :) Great set, glad you kept it.

Martin Luther

falta cardio


Ok so does that mean that Stella will live longer because she is younger?

James Walton

Great video really informative and very ingenious. Well done!


why i dont see your videos on main screen eventhough im subscribed


Stop moving the god damn camera!


I would of like of have seen Riker's nexus. Though, the movie rating probably would of jumped upwards so I can understand why they left it out.

Joe R

It would be a good idea to use stabilizing wood if you make them again.

Summer West

8 tracks were invented just to give us something to laugh at our grandkids for gettingthe retro-goo for... Same goes for disco versions of the M.A.S.H. theme


18...Rc8 is a better idea than 18...Kh8 which does nothing.

Pranav Tuma

YouTube should recommend this to Greta thunberg.