The "True" Last Game Of Mikhail Tal

Serious teachers shouldn't teach unserious kids.The white squares have too much grain for my tastes.But why always the terrible music.First step is to throw that passenger soccer truck away and get a long bed like your grandpa had.You make remember to my dadGod bless your hands!

Guess who forgot to bring there music home: Guess who has a playing test in 2 days: Guess who didn’t go to school today: Guess who hasn’t gotten a signature on their practice sheet: Guess who has a concert on their birthday in like 1-2 weeks (idk how long lmao): Guess who sucks at their music:Guess who needs to practice really bad: Guess who’s going to cry:.I don't even know how to play chess.I know the Roy Lopez is the usual line but I'd like to see your playstyle with it.Your Lowes carries MDO plywood!Half way through, and I was already subscribing.Or more acccurateely Alternating Current?No, because this isn't the Jersey Shore.

Is it a difference in pawn structure?Your analysis would give a lot of casual players the idea that moves are based almost entirely on positionalstrategic considerations.Thanks for that!Hopefully one day I can have a work shop like area so I can try to do this.Worst stream of all time.I stop watching when i heard your indian accent hahahaha.:-D Like you say, you guys, rock!Thanks I've followed on soundcloud keep up the good work with all the murder porn!I thought he was older.

Really funny :).

Really funny :).

I'm talking bottom notch amazon, harbor freight tools!Hummed to it, and ancient voice hums back, all kinds of trees fall over and then drums come from the woods.He gave the Lady a 200 bag, and 800 change.As soon as he wrote out the formula for a 2n-dimensional sphere, I was like OH SNAP HERE IT COMES!Turn the clock ahead and the guys that rob him said the same thing about his chains.I have seen a woman standing up in the front of the chair in Jame’s back at 23:16.We want something from the avatar legend of korra.Me be like1: Needs 10% of brain2: Needs 10% of brain3: Needs 15% of brain4: Needs 20% of brain5: Needs 5% of brain because he has heard of this problem before.It's building up to something.I'm going to have my apprentice watch this video,it's absolutely the best primer on single point tooling I've ever run across.

I know thirteen digits!Missing the name plate.So it is not surprising, that ratings of todays grandmasters are higher than those of former generations.When a player makes an illegal move he can do another move.What’s that thing that he rose his bread in?I can even explain that babies were put in bed until about 70 years ago with a cloth soaked in gin to make them quiet.I was just considering asking whether you were done posting those long several hour videos, and then you post the longest one ever.Wow, this guy is an asshole.I'm from Omaha, NE.Thanks much GM Simon.

This was awesome!(I was 15 at this time) I knew them and had studied their games, but I didn't see how they could help Spassky, since Fischer had already defeated them.I am saving up for a decend cabinet saw.Doing homework, and im at 50:00 when I suddenly recognize the tune.Great work but video so fast.

Rob Schultz

Your opinion of HP is on point, I repaired them for 12 years.

sizo duke

lol douglas whytedonating 1 cent

Fufungfang Uppagara

SO electron is near to infinitesimal in RL


I thought you’re supposed to layer veneer grain perpendicular to each other like on the old pieces you chiseled off

Thomas Chacon

This is so funny, because I play for $10 a lot here in San Antonio.

Dan Turney

Great trick - thanks! (5 years later) Tried this on two people - both impressed, but both said they knew it involved what order the card piles were picked up but couldn’t see a pattern. I would add one more twist (maybe it’s been offered in the comments already): Make a mental note of the remainder when you divide their number by 9 (if it’s 0 then make it 9 instead). This will be the triplet where their card appears when you lay them down the third time. Let’s say they choose 16 (so the remainder is 7). When you lay down the 7th triplet (i.e., the 19th, 20th, and 21st cards) on the third pass try to memorize those three. Then when they point to the pile it’s in you’ll know which of those was their card. Then as you count out the cards up to their chosen number just pause before turning it and ask was it the 5 of hearts? and then turn it over.



Julz XD

Diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, steals thing's mutilates and attacks women but the police let him go. Then he stabs three women brutally including a witnessed kidnapping attack. The Bodies are piling up but "nah let the guy go"...


What a game, captured behind enemy lines! Such a beautiful game!