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I canunderstand the code,but the math make me cry.The mistake that caused the success of the white play plan and the defeat of black play is that the black Soldier moved from (A6) to (B5) to kill the white Elephant.Tobias ain't got shit on this guy.Thank you for this video my sister.

It would be check from the knight and the rook at the same time, and the king has no safe squares within reach.Professional Online maths tutorOnly whatsapp971569028683Qualification: MscMathematicsExperience 12 yearsO A levels,IB, IGCSE, Edexcel(MATHS ONLY).It is a way of expanding humanity's body of knowledge.

Trik bodo ini mah.Sempre Impeccabile - Bravo.Beautiful board and pieces." what Trump doesIt actually is, mainly everything what he does, and this American process to finally choose one is also mainly just an entertainment nothing else, otherwise people would get bored with four years of campaigning.Sadly Peta isn't against animal cruelty.Beautiful wish I had your talent.

Loved the whole video, very helpful, especially the arts and crafts.Ask rex about Ashley Madison.Thanks for this: I absolutely loved it and learnt something valuable: "to take is a mistake" unless taking offers a clear positional advantage.Why not knight e2 instead of trading queens?Thank you Neil, well thought through.

Tried to make a chopping

Tried to make a chopping

Fn fox news is open border operative for obama.Bishop to e 5 attacking Black's bishop, check.Made it in a 6inch cake tin.6:15 tries to get fancy with the bishop to G4 move xD."Always cut into the stone, never drag your knife edge back over the stone and always maintain your angle.Good instructive video.

Your concept of

Your concept of

This is perfect, love it ).He’s really going all in.You can try all the strategy you want.Does it work ok?I've worked in parking for 18 years.

9:44 me looking at the date this video was put on.This, my friend, is super sweet!I want this guy to be my music teacher!At 3:18 can someone explain to me how these chess time settings works?Black has to take the exchange so as not to lose e5.Then in 1933 he invented FM.And I love that dog.I actually enjoy the fact that Nakamura rages in online play.

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I tried to turn

This is all I've ever wanted out of life.Tennison gambit?I like how you adapt to who you're interviewing by pronouncing things the same way and using their dialect's version of words.Really loved the narration and the visuals.Hari Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ !My buddy said there was no way I could stay subscribed to this pathetic channel for 10 years.Lol what a fucking cheating prick. Also, the closer you get it to the work the safer it is.YouTube supports genocide.

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Sagarra! Gracas por nos ensear!


Love his story, and glad that even though he's an introvert he still shared it with the world

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Alright think about it like this. Judaism is the original. Christianity is the sequel. Islam is a spin-off the thinks the original happened but kind of ignores the sequel. Yes, this is an oversimplification, but it helped me to understand.

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Magnus please also try to explain your move and calculation please please please

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then what do you do when the opponent is holding your queen in his hand u cant afford to loose the time by asking him to keep the piece u can move the pawn

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Carmilla and Hayabusa's SS

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GLOVES ALWAYS round a Bandsaw !!!You are sending a very dangerous message to the less-skilled who attempt this sort of thing !!!