The Most Fantastic Chess Battle - Nakamura Versus Kasparov A Game Full Of Tactics

Draw by fourfold repetition.I played the same game with the white pieces before !Suggestion Suat Atalik vs Gyula Sax "Sax and Violence" Maroczy mem (1997) 1-0.One of the best chess games is this.Please use a computer to analyse your analysis is not always on pint in many videos.

Wow, this is amazing!10:49 what is the name of the music that plays in the background here?Who is filming and making those noises.Or are they going to be susceptible again?Looking forward to seeing more of your's and Matt's work.NL is actually good at something?

Thank you it is useful.

Thank you it is useful.

Subbed you sir,wish your success.Perfect, thanks.Thanks agadmator sir for introduce us from it.If you LOVE elvis presley, the 8 track is for you.Whether or not this will help is a whole different subject.Prophylactic simply means "preventative.

He cheated by using engine on other window.

He cheated by using engine on other window.

The joints lined up well.Still a great firm handshake from Ivanchuk at the end.He's incredible fast.I didnt know Many Pacquiao was a great chess playeryou can put this game in your agenda would be great.As a guitar player I have to say that it's not easy to play the guitar with a damn coin.I enjoyed the video!Black's rook is well placed defending both pawns.Really fun video Ben.Look for used tools starting out.Tank's perfect movie, really cool job.

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Outstanding bro

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Helped building a nuke sir

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nice 1

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this was so easy, I did it before clicking on the video.....

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Black wants to avoid fried liver attack.

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I saw it also, but I am mid level amateur player. If a mid level player can find it, than that it is not the best move in chess history.

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Awesome blitz video!

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Naka gave her the checkmate that night.

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i love table tenis argentina - La Rioja

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please make one to me! better than my bedroom! kkkk

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Thank you! It took me so long to find music to study to that wouldn't be interrupted by ad breaks!!