The moment Magnus Carlsen became World Chess Champion

One of the most beautiful and shining table I have ever see.Check out this article analytically evaluated their chances ofwinning, and in all of their analysis, Fischer had a decided winning advantage just because of his higher rating 2780 vs 2705.What's the song name?Thus e2234e2, therefore e28 and thus the extra day to reach door 24 brings us to 9.

This game is so FUCKING FUN and ADDICTING for being such a simple game.Awesome, funny, beautiful and too long :P.Beat cancer with cancer, i said that like over 5 years ago.May Allah bless the Mamluks for defeating them in a language they understand, nothing to respect from this man and his offspring - only destruction and genocide of million of innocent people, truly you died and you did not leave any substantial legacy to humanity, the best you did is returning back to your harsh life in the steppes of Mongolia with the same lifestyle than 1000 years ago - Battle of Ain Jalut is the name of the game.I would have taken in any or all of these babies and loved them as my own.

The colour from

The colour from

If not, what is?Yet Fischer makes the world champion give up with it, when he only has a queen, rook, and bishop.Either way it kind of gets in the way of black's development.Don't say best move.Name of initial background music plz.

It is really sad

It is really sad

Only other try is the horrible.I don't even speak Spanish.Thanks its interesting.Mau tanya bang, kenapa kebanyakan langkah pertama itu pion e4 (jika putih) atau g5 (jika hitam)?Aap bohat piyri ho di.

I was going through my

I was going through my

Where can I buy this board doe?As far as I’m concerned, the two people in this problem should be named Matthew and Patrick.He's doing the chess world a service lol.Glad to see you putting out more crazy house games!Our natural instinct to care for the self and others is being taken away - insidiously.Mr Mike Dane, thanks a bunch sir!And most tools could be sold used too!

Log("GameHandler") thats not working by me.This product simply isn't ready for prime time yet.I find the first one but then can not able to think how to proceed.5:41 I think Mark Zuckerberg enslaved Morgan Freeman.Simply stunning!Thank you again.What cellphone is used in video ?

This is the perfect

This is the perfect

I'd be more than proud to prepare food for my family on this board.More voice types for the computer is I think essential as well.I am NOT BEING SNARKY.Bang cara ngatain kuda Dua2 ya maju duluan.Noodles RamenShip.Na5 %clk 0:02:50 1-0.

Amin Ghising

Mind Blown..thank you so much .

Todd Olsen


Margaret Murphy

Why does it make Tree fractals?What liquid did you put on before burning?...beautiful.


A very high powered tournament, with Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik, Ivanchuk, Topalov, Polgar... Karpov was magnificent. Kasparov's win over Polgar was controversial.

supa drag0n

I'd just move two of the sticks at the top corner and make them into a triangle, using the sides. Three squares, done and done.

Matt Parsons

You don’t need a hat on indoors let alone on backwards

Todd Spielman

Weird my name is Logan that's crazy and creepy at the same time

Trichy Samayalarai Asmallbite Priya

Beautiful, will try it soon


I could beat Nakamura if I started with all my pawns as queens.

Paul Morphy

In the next year or so I want to see magnus get tattoo's up both arms, I think this would suit him

Jlc tv.

I learn alot... Thank you


These skinny metrosexuals have a genuine gift for big ideas reduced to mere baubles of incoherence. Second-world 'Murkans, of course, naturally take incoherence for insight, have not the slightest clue about anything beyond what happens on their pillows, wax poetic and biblical about pure rubbish, wouldn't know an original thought if it bit 'em on the leg, and never take a step back to ask, "What have we accomplished?"It's pitiful stuff, this.Embarrassingly, grade-school at best.


For me the best synergy is Weopon Master/Abyss i won a game uaing this without losing health

Blvck Mvss

Thought they we're jordan 5's lol

Lewis Wereb

That is a thousand dollar board. And I guarantee you I can get beat just as quickly on a ONE DOLLAR board.


am I the only one who admire how straight the lines he drew?

Rantor von Hohenfels

lets imagine the cash register was empty to begin with.He gets 1000 from the shop nearby.He gives out 800 as change. (Lady has 200 worth of goods)there is now 200 in the register.Next shop comes, takes 1000.There is -800 in the register.instead of having 200 like in a normal transaction, he has -800. Difference=>1000 net comparing the two states, namely how it should have been had it been a normal transaction, to what actually happened, we can ignore what goods the lady left with.ez.

TheReaL CoMicBookGuY

Stop recording everything problem solved


Every time I watch this I’m like wow

Noah Pedersen

suggestion analyze Botvinnik Vs. Flohr in Moscow 1936, the game is called Mop the Flohr


The "fuck you factor"!

Zany Wabbit

stop saying duckies ffs...

Deep RLer

at the end position didnt you have Rc6? if Rxc6, Nxc6, Nxa3, you have a knight fork on e7