The Modern Benoni is No Baloney: Part 3 - Chess Openings Explained

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The plan is for Trump

The plan is for Trump

Spectacular workmanship!Anand Vs kramanik.12:59, isn't knight to d5 a good idea?Which is the chess application you are u using.WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN IN MY LIFE!What do u use to do that.For me it seems good.The whole world is not in the northern hemisphere.I LOVE BUCKBEAK’S FLIGHT SO MUCH.

Spends way too much

Spends way too much

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This is a boring game.

This is a boring game.

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Audrina Ortiz

I saw an orb fly a cross behind the couch right before the pieces moved

nikita pisek

Thumbnail is phenomenal xxxx)))))))

Joel Robert Justiawan

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John Yu

lol my board looks like white after a few moves :


5 years and it’s just getting around at high prices

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Mohammed Shafique

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Cobalt Jester

Using an Engine in an online tournament???? That's why you're only IM and not GM. And a fake IM at that.... Learning moves from an engine does not make you a good player. It just means you have a good memory about what your engine did....

Jon Robertson


Sandro Ullu



kinda would rather see alex's face than erics tbh

Andrew Strom

so stupid]

Damo Hanson

Opening theory? Opening theory? We don’t need no stinking opening theory!

nhun l

fan ca liem


Okay, it may seem like the Queen is a witch, but from her checking her watch 4:52 and gunning the king 27:48 , can we assume that she's a time traveller?

Lord of the Pies

hang head in shame didn't see the finish , interesting lecture thanx

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abid ali khan Ali

How to imporf my game

Will Crowe

...and then the school is built on the plot of land sold to you, at an inflated price, by your political party's largest donor...

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18:50 does anyone see the face in the blue light when she tells someone to step into it

Voyeger Kane

Whenthe guy first started talking I thought he was like 30

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0/10Doesn't impress the kind of bastard who would complain about the followingThere is talentNo girls with plastic buttsNo rappersNo excessive and useless cussing"Overrated"

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