The KING of PLECOS and CORYDORAS! Fish Room Tour.

Keep up the great work.Chess boards containing individual cut squares are very expensive to buy.What species did you use for the drawer fronts and door?Okay maybe this is just me but there could be a magnet under the table to move the chess pieces thats just my thouts tho.Love the use of magnets.

Great video btw!

Great video btw!

Did this guy essentially call himself god?Thanks to show the process of making a cajon.And a very merry Christmas to you and the family too my friend.Math is so amazing.Can't stop crying.Thank you for your time!Gm see the blackboard way better.P been calling for his ppl to wake up for the longest.

I want a game that I can

I want a game that I can

Steve, keep doing what you do.You do amazing work.Agadmator will wait to tell meaning of agadmator till he hasmillion subscriber cause he is nelson mandela lol acting like he doing good to world and all you peolpe sendsing your hadr earned money to him just you that he has become a millionare and you guys aren't.Can't tell you how many coding tutorials I must have watched over the years.If I had the money to spare, I would put together a shop like that as well.You need to play against stronger computer opponents.Monkey down below is what they used to call Dave in his old college days.Then I save my really good industrial grade sandpaper for taking the edge to wonder land when I need it that sharp.

Yes I've missed the bishop.

Yes I've missed the bishop.

I love your videos, any chance of getting instructional videos in near future?At 11:37 it was a flower on a wall flying it's white thing away.Ooo plus or minus.11:54 bishop e6 checkmate.Hikamura: Damn you kakarot!Ng ch trong VH: ".

guy fawkes

Looks like Alireza is below the level of super gm yet. Maybe a few more years then he is good to go.


19:36 What a weird start huh? Yeah, bishops jumping pawns... :) Also, Be2 capturing his own pawn...

Steve Forrester

Wonderful work. A great result. Thanks for sharing your art.

Tim Hallas

How do you not smile when the dealer hands you a straight flush while a half a million is sitting in the pot.

James Eisert

Nice work man! How may hours do you estimate that took?

david hall

About how heavy is the table? Also when it is fully cured how hard is it ? easily scratched?

HMB wing

other projects was in nice quality or with good ideas - here? Why not a wood on the right side? - I think it-s not so good ...


What a monster drill :)


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Marivic Ruys

You play so awesomely! Wish I could playin the same way but i just can't follow, help! Was not even game to comment here because it seems everyone knows it already but me. Please can it be done more slowly? I just want to learn how you do it. Many thanks!!! God bless you forsharing what you know. You are wonderful!

Jamie Rogers

Next you could try and make a damascus steel knife. They look awesome.

Kartike Sharan

8:25 why doesn’t he just do RxD6 and just be up a pawn

Naina,b, sujani

You worked so quickly and hard, thank youSeeing your work inspires others to work


At 20:33 all white has to do is rook a7 and if either of his rooks are taken it will be mate in 1, am I missing something?

Gilbert Martinez

I've missed you, Robbie Baby!! I can still smell the scent of your balls in my face. Love to love you!!!

John Breskind

ChessBase India, this is fantastic video editing. Jumping to the point at which each player makes his move. All classical/rapid games should be shown this way. Excellent work, thank you.


Bloody hell mate, that came out beautiful!

Part 2 waiting

Ajnas Palanthara

2020 ishttam

Jon Cosmo

Summer is extra goofy

nicholas wall

I love your laid back approach.

Pawan Nagar

Can you please do a tutorial on active ragdoll like walk,run,or jumping ragdolls..... please do it....i am waiting...And if any member of community found a tutorial on YouTube about itplease share the link...and thank you brackeys...


Muy lentos

Tim Dog

I trust the turd polishers for trump as much as I trust the Chinese

Vladislav Kudelin

8:05 Queen for two rooks: why is it so bad?

max d

String Dog please make a compilation of Jan Gustafsson and his facial expressions

Timothy Swan

Is there a theorem that proves that those are actually zeros for n by m sets of sandpiles? I mean, being a computer science major, I realize that once you get to 1000 x 1000, it is impossible to test all possible additions. I mean, that's ((4(10001000)2) operations each involving at least 1,000,000 additions.