THE Immortal Chess Game - Every Move Explained - Anderssen vs. Kieseritzky, 1851

" Bought and completed a lot of your shop plans.The resin you used cured way too fast.Fun fact: YouTube Algorithm suggested me YOUR video while I've never seen any of the other videos!Def worth trying, just for thelearn and failure experience before moving to more complex and expensive builds.What is this extremely formal mathematical language that he refers to?Great to see that you are making opening videos again.And a very very easy calculation for anyone.

But there are only a few real software engineers on YouTube who know what they're doing.Magnus THE BEAST.WHY IS THIS RECOMMENDED FOR ME LIKE I DON'T EVEN GO SCHOOL.Love your watch.This was amazing.In last question 28:02.Please tell me what is the name of this game.Want more a0 vdos.

If the last number is 5% or higher,

If the last number is 5% or higher,

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In fact, she was so nice, one

In fact, she was so nice, one

I am sorta new to this, how did he get awarded more time.I think if white first move is f4 his next move is e2 e3 Sicilian defense.Only reason I can think of is that he might have opted not to take the Bishop to cut his losses.After this mistake Fabi showed exactly why he is the 2nd strongest player in the world and with one perfect move after another he was able to draw the game.I hope they paid you more than just the free set because you're obviously worth it.Jimmydiresta can you make carving knife for your next video.Hi there sir Am I aloudto makea game similar to Mikey the Last Zombie KillerFor example use the same mechanics like the coin system,etc.So much respect for them.Gb hard life(MULDEW)."if it doesn't work, it doesn't work!

I always think im doing something wrong and cant find any tactical or attacking moves in actual games, and then end up making some blunders trying to "create something".Great commentary, Jerry!The Devil is the author of confusion many have sold souls.I thought the 4th dimension was time?After Qh8 Rg7, check with Ng3 h5, if Kg7 move to g6 or g8, check with Qf4 g4.Fork and double attack.Can i get50 likes for moe sargi.Agad: so fast, so strong.


... after white h5... why not Knight e4??? ... seems to me a winning for black

Manoj Guha

There is some flaws such as how can one move the horse without moving the soldier but reallycool project



Coleman Adamson

Nd1....on the rare occasion when I play a strategic move like that and the engine's top move is the same....oh, dat feel good!haha One good thing engines do is provide GM worthy confirmation of moves while before engines we could only gather opinions of local players or hope we could get a teacher like John to evaluate the move for us. They aren't perfect, but engines are a very useful tool. Thanks for another great video John, and looking forward to the launch of "Chessable".

Eric Anderson

Don’t let your kids play with crackheads

abdullah mohammed

How can i got this total :129

Mervin Dennis

What if white plays pawn f3 in 0:37 instead of knight f7

Rob Robertson

Genius stuff Pask :) By coincidence actually got some scraps myself of those two, hmmmm.

Serban Nicolau

Does anyone think that the score from Star Wars was inspired by Tchaikovsky?

Tran Khai

How about 4...d6 to block the e pawn move to e5 ? :( :( :(

Bo Jin

I love the ad in front of the video ))

I love it!!!!