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But would love to see one

But would love to see one

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Still impressed by this build!This is how it ended.Well players have definetly become better over the time, due to opening preparation, computer analasys, and better books an further theory crafting.Trabalho maravilhoso !T sonunds ilke ASMR.

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It relate to collatz conjecture 2sm=pn1, 211=111, 221=311, 231=711, 223=1111, 225=1911, 2211=4311,2217=6711, 2337=16711, all n can reach 1 by the rule of pn1=2sm.


Why not Rh1 after kh8? Would force the king back to kg8 thus allowing Nf6?

Schwindsichtiga der Echte

Wow, that was an intense game with some outstanding moves! There were many teaching moments right there!

Aditya Vadali

Carlsen saw Mate in 3 in 0.3 seconds

Joseph Stollsteimer



How much time did it take u do this. I've only just begun, I'm starting out with Machine Learning.

Noah Ashworth

I hope you know that every single person noticed you switched seats

Tony D.

In how did he manage to able the probability bar on the left ?