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Does tiny hands do a good full body massage.I'm in the minority here I guess.Dude please stop uploading videos.It makes it seem very basic, but it has a lot in it.What does the quote in the beginning means?Apparently Ammonia helps steming kiln dried wood, but I have never tried it -- there is at least a video on the tubez whereEngelsCoachShop bends (successfully) quite thick wood adding ammonia to steam water.Surprisingly beautiful.A still picture underneath.

I feel like plumber in harvard now.The downvotes are from plum trees.Those clocks are shit.This looks heavenly.Here is another pattern in pascal's triangle 12 1 n 012 12 2 n 1 12 22 12 6 n 2 12 32 32 12 20 n 3 12 42 62 42 12 70 n 4 all of these answers can be written in the form (2n)Cn.

Drugs are for kids.

Drugs are for kids.

Why is the burner kept lit up for the entire lecture?Excellant video."Let's use the very first number you learned in school"Seven!Pinag bigyan Lang.I wonder if manwithavan is a reference to Peep Show:.Hi Simon, Thanks.

That thing hanging from the

That thing hanging from the

I have seen many of Boguljubovs games, and he may very well be the strongest player ever, who did not become world champion.There is a smallissue when you win with full board, instead of painting winning combination in green the game paints all board in orange.Earned so much easy bucks I quit my job today with help of, E a s y L a p t o p L i f e.Second half ae kandolu.I am such a big fan of Harry Potterthank you.I never cares for the audienceSpends half a minute fixing his camera so we, the audience, can see him properly.They look amazing.He's a reasonable bloke.Best wishes from Germany.Intros are the best.

How to kill soldier or king on the

How to kill soldier or king on the

I've been into art since i was a child and the pencil falling to the floor trtiggered my fight or flight.Knowing how to play to the bitter end with the losing side is therefor a valuable skill in blitz, where every move that prolongs mate can still mean a win on time.Sliding Windows worker.How do you decide when to wear gloves?Tanto say he likeum knife made out of steel.The Festool system really requires more than just a saw and track to appreciate.Hmm -- my name is Tom.Unfortunately in America just finding anybody that loves chess is rare.We are lucky to live at the same time as this magnificent player, besides being able to see him playing and commenting on his own games in Chess24 it is a unique opportunity.

Tom said to you will be

Tom said to you will be

What was your very first project that you wish you could do better, everything I've seen so far has been incredible Elizabeth Hair, Malta.Thank you for repairing all this old technology and keeping it alive!You’ve got a cool team following you around in the background to add to the spook factor moesargi.Now land of the dead.I like the concept of compound interest but I prefer to apply when interestreturn rate varies through time.Your lessons are very helpful even foradult beginners like me.I like you setup what model of the netgate pfSense arewere you using?Was the crowd actually angry at the game lol.You don't need a lie detector test to tell that Ned is lying.

Wow, this wallet is very cute and chic,so masculine, thanks for sharing, God bless all of you and ur leather craft, amen inshaAlla.3:49 ur wrong i believe.Alireza on a losing streak LOL.What is the loadout.Somebody explain plz.10:46 JOCKSTRAP.Let Your wife bring it in the house ha ha.Didn’t he do this story already.Just came across this video and so glad I did!Brilliant undertaking, can't wait to do this most important part of the game!


just make everyone swear on their mum


I think it's better for carlsen if they don't know, but they do know that he is in the turnament. So every time they play against him they are aware of the possibility that he is the world champ but they are never sure... mind games!

Michael Mendillo

Very Cool !Nice little hobby to maybe take up ! TY.

Aidan Boyle

Tell me if im wrong

Mel Amano

Anand could've used the rook to eliminate bishop instead of the king. He could've prolonged the match. Just saying...


n is prime if and only if n divides all the non-1 entries in the nth row of Pascal's Triangle.

Jarle Pedersen

More Yasser!


Why couldn't he go to the town of Yahk?

Michael S

I was just browsing on YouTube and so. What you guys machine I designed the door closer to the United States patent and was ready to make prototypes I want a bit closer manufacturer takes to technology from your own United States patent what's the point of inventing anything anymore I even outdid myself the door closer I will never show anyone a working prototype of course it wasn't the prototype for the field it was approved that it worked so how am I supposed to manufacturer intellectual property thieves are going to take your idea from your technology because you don't have 50 million dollars in the bank to protect your technology how can you ever make it I wish I had a million machine I knew how to use a 5-axis but now I'm home I don't care about inventing or door closers anymore just rebuilding them wish you were here in Los Angeles what would we do together when I want to go into a machine shop and play with my prototypes on a mill I like everybody says our insurance doesn't cover you you can't be in the shop and I think oh I'm sorry I'm living

Steve Collins

Outstanding, Nick! I haven't had a need to turn anything in the last couple of months, but have your video for drill press turning marked and plan to use this method when I do. Thanks


This battle was fucking great


No you didn’t put the negative back in so it still wouldn’t be 3=0


Kann mann bei dir eine Ausbildung zum Tischler machen

Alouss Idel

this is so much gooooood

Bob The OG

It’s a prostock racquet not the same as retail

Genobeva Aguilar

En aquellos tiempos jjjjjjj

Carlos Beltran

Wooouu very nice!!!

Nuno Campos

She wants his white coloured bishop inside her.

Nick BD

Hosh plank, staan trug jong, staan trug plank man


0:18 After all, it's got fucking laser beams

John S



You got slag inclusion. You have to take off the flux every weld.

Sachinkumar Bhairagond

U r explained how to opening,but how to defeat when opponent using this tricks


Please cover the other R7 games