The French Defense - Chess Openings with GM Damian Lemos

Dude Jak his biggest own biggest fan he dont say shit he regular.You got my sub yesterday.Am i cutting the wrong side as you did?On the last move why didn’t cornbread take the kids queen with his pawn?M chi HL au u vl.And Anand discuss their game immediately after it was played.

How is it that i have never skipped a single second of your videos and i even rewatched this one.Width,y: (canvas.This is ultimate and legendary game I have ever seen.

So, I don't want to take anything away from John, but, I don't think Cornbread was at his best.DAUMEN HOCHlg Peter, Leimis Werkstatt.Mama tam pi povodnch pracovala.What if we don’t have the tools.That tool's a weapon!Also a gruenfeld.I am just not good enough.

I love the Numberphile videos!

I love the Numberphile videos!

Your name pronunciations are simply impeccable.Not the KC I'm used to watching.Since, 115 to 123 8 1123 to 139 8 2139 to 163 8 3163.Why, if you know someone is in the attic, you heard the breathing and a cough, why is it not checked out by someone going up there and then you guys just continue on using the noisy spirit box and all?36:55 when he throws the chair.Thanks for a wonderful video.

Nice sip of water.

Nice sip of water.

Is that dwight schrute?Jay any chance you could share the size of the board you made for your 62?Playing like Mikhail tak.A Knight enters the board.ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS !

So far I consider your channel very good, but I'd like to suggest one thing that would improve newbie's understanding with your videos: could you please make clearer when the actual match pauses and you start your assumptions?Zero consideration of ergonomics.Jerry is getting back to activity hope he does some more standard games.Nice idea but i think it was not fair when she moved his knight back and forth no devoloping anything and forcing him to sac only for a pawn, eric should be allowed to sac his queen at least for a minor piece.Then Nxc6 and white has a big advantage.I think you are the reason I have increased my lichess bullet rating from 1800 to nearly 2100.I really believe that if Fischer had learned chess with modern theory he would have consistently outplayed Carlson.Thanks so much for putting all the work into the video.How To Make Chess Pieces Set out of CHALK CARVING easy DIY at HOMEp.

Thanks for this vid.Greetings from Argentina!Can’t stand J Murda, he stays being.Toward the beginning, that a die is fair if all of its symmetries are transitive.Now I often think of doing that but I feel like it's a fairly superficial attack - just sending your pawns up there - and often I can get crushed against higher rated players like that (by creating weaknesses elsewhere for the opponent to exploit).Thank you guysfor your labors tool comparisons.I am sad that werewolfsolution.There they r the biggesttrash makers of the world and they dont give too fuck about our world1 luv God bless the world.Turning our homes walnut again one finely restored piece at a time.

Because my first 2 chess sets were magnetic to prevent the domino effect.Cant they put the effort into the look of the pieces themselves?Wouldn’t we all loved to have a teacher like him!He stopped then because suddenly it wasn’t worth his life!What is the best filament to use to achieve this?How in works episode no 4 What is internet,dhani Manager evaru, internet evaru create chesaru,mana mobiles ki signals ela vastai,mana phone daily data usage aipotha automatic ga signals stop ela avutai,.I really would like another troll level in "getting over it" style, it was so much fun!Wait a second this guy lives in New Mexico.

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I love her shit but sitting through all these ads makes me appreciate the people who don’t so much more

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Hey um I just guessed that it would be 4 days so I skipped ahead to the answer


What'd He say?

Pratyush Baliarsingh

Jennifer Shahade

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Did anyone see a handprint on the wall at 7:43

WF Frantz

It doesn't surprise me that the psychologist got the candle one wrong. Using the box is too easy and poor engineering. The candle burns down to the box, potentially starting it on fire, and the wall burns.Tim got it mostly right.Pin into the bottom of the candle. Hold that pin/candle to the wall with more pins. Then surround those pins with more pins (mostly around the top) to create a fireproof wall of metal as the candle burns down.The nine dot problem is also easy to solve.Using math, you know that the four strokes must cross the following number of uncrossed dots in each turn 3 2 2 2 = 9 dots (3 0 3 0 3 takes too many turns). Thus the solution comes quickly:- staying within the dots quickly shows that turn 3 only leads to 1 uncrossed dot being covered, forcing going outside the 9-dot pattern.- its also easy to see that sending the outside line through the center of the structure immediately leads to the next turn only covering 1 dot.- so its the outside edge line that has to be the one that extends past the 9-dot pattern.With that, the solution comes easily.On the glasses, another solution is:fill the 3 oz into the 5 oz and repeat, leaving 1 oz left in the 3 oz empty the 5 oz and then transfer the 1 oz to the 8 ounce empty glass. Repeat except pour the 1oz to the empty 5 oz glass.Then fill the 3oz glass, add it to the 1 oz in the 8 oz glass and repeat with the 5 oz glass that also has 1 oz in it so now both the 8 and 5oz glasses have 4 ounces in them.

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I love this video! So hilarious!

Davide Markovski

As a Non-American....I dont know what is going on


I'm curious to know how a top that size holds up over time when it's glued to rails of opposing grain. I'm wondering if it would crack from movement

InCrEdIbLe Haulk

Dumbass tattoos on his face this man is 35 lol

Mani Kandan

How to join in magic chess..

De ArrascaLeo Fernandes

Queria ver uma partida entre baianunho x sulivan

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Carlsen is trash


The factions trailer had some amazing music.

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Love this. Y'all can do the full recap cause its free. Salute.

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please help me I have come across a problem. for me the pipes area spawned behind the camera (z=-63)

Kim from New Zealand

Hi Abbey, I noticed you used icing sugar, not castor sugar. Would save on time not having to wisk the sugar and whites.Will give it a go :-)Kim from New Zealand

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Well Sam, only two things left to do.Get some nice chess pieces and learn how to play the game.Nice craftmanship mike, hats off to you!

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Brilliant like always Paul,great video.


Always wondered what a restoration like this would do to the antique value ... increase it? ... decrease it because it's no longer "original"?

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Director puratheri ketta mattoru movie kanila

Josh Meyer

Great tip about using a chamfer to avoid blowing out the backside.  Great video!

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Why are magpies interested in shiny objects? That is the question next.


Still because of Techmoan.