The French Defense: Advance Variation Pt. 1

Navara played well, improving consistently lately.This was so cool!I only wish I was like him at that age.Other wise big blundder.That base is FIRE!At 9:42 strong move is Qa3.Tal my favourite chess player.That was one of the best presentations I've seen on youtube.

Could just be me though.Ps what kind of varnish do you use ?He looks a bit like adam sandler.What if after the ruy lopez the guy just goes Bxc6 ?He's so enthusiastic about it.

Tinker, tinker some more, it might be all that is needed."Rooks move backwards sometimes"Some words of wisdom from Jerry.-slams $500 dollars on table IlL tAkE yOuR eNtIeR sToCk.Why do you refer to you opponent as "they"?This guy makes it look simple because his door jamb is in perfect alignment with the drywall.I actually played against Machteld and Nanne van Foreest."Do I have a better move?Advertiser lost money.10:29There is possible move for white is Qh4.

I really want to see

I really want to see

She is very hot!Anybody see Ben shapiro on the latest donation box?This is next level comedy.Could you do a video on how to punish that?It makes ur doodles look bright and appealing.Just like a homeschool dad to think he knows better about math and science and then turn around and let his kid play chess with some hustler crackhead.Hey man, I made you something!

Hi just stumbled on this

Hi just stumbled on this

My most versatile tool, endless uses!Thanks Spotlight!Well, the independence of thought is very important in learning the art and science of global goverance.11:56 why can't white bishop take black rook on D3?12:53 - Ng7, fianchettoing the knight.(I've to add that 'hand' as it's definitely, an extravagant art!Unless you're some kind of misogynist, jkbut in all seriousness in a "bullet" time control it could save the game at the last minute.Dude has a talent.Ive seen people use nickles, quarters and even a bolt.

Well great job on total nonsense model.

Well great job on total nonsense model.

But i wish there was blood.How are scientists saying that all of thisplus life on a macro scaleis by chance, and developed from nothing.And how do you continue this attack?THEOREMHIGHERSELF.Thank you very muche.The best combos:Emily-Lorenzo-FrankSteven-Beth-Chris.

Anyone here for Hilfinger's

Anyone here for Hilfinger's

I did this as a kid with pokemon cards.The knights will take them and you end up in a perfectly winning position!At 21:36 just go with f6 you had like 4 pieces focusing on that.Plenty of ways to skin this cat, off hand I thought of these:Just clamp them togetherPut one or two pairs of bolts through (and free up your clamps)Use several latches - I'd give the toolbox style latches a shot as they seem to hold up well no matter how heavy my toolbox gets, and it's just a cheap home depot box.Mean and Funny at that same time.He just likes making everything harder and longer?Very nice trick.26:41 Bd5 Qd3 in my opinion black can play Be4 with controlof e4 and Nbd7.

11:50 first time he says something lol.

11:50 first time he says something lol.

Here normal houses have till two land lines only - companies have this double or tripple or parts of them.This is ver fast vedio kindly slow mention vedio link sent me.)) subscribe to my channel.Deserve mo lahat ng blessings na dumating sa'yo, kasi ang taong mapagpatawad ay ibe-bless ni God.Magnus is the greatest Chess Ambassador of ALL TIME.9:00 "wie geht's,alles gut digger?Pragnanandha told Anand about the h5 move but Anand replied him, we will discuss later.


I'm looking at it again and again and I just don't know what he's talking about... after 6. Bd3 (8:00) 6...Nc6 7.Nxc6 bxc6 white is CLEARLY better!Quite simply, yes, if black could play ...d5 he would be better but this is white's turn and he has 8. e5! Nd5 9. Qg4!! Where 9... Bf8 is almost forced since 0-0 is met by Bh6 so 10. Nxd5 cxd5 11. 0-0 g6 12. Bg5!! Be7 13. Bh6 this is clearly much better for white.


480p for that ...

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Eric Castillo


Matheus Lacerda

The craziest endgame i've ever seen


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Young Escapist

Bishop B2? On last move? Why not take with king?

Talmandge Perry

I guess the crowd was caught in the GLITCH, too!! I can see that!

sara O'Brien

hi I'm one of your fans youtube said they were adding some new features but they haven't done that yet I mu friends watch youtube on our t.v. youtube said they were adding another feature that would allow people to comment on videos from other devices I'm trying to get as many people interested in this can you tell youtube to add this

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suggestion EvansGambit Bujakevich x Kozarcanin Gibraltar Challengers round 4[Event "Gibraltar Challengers B"][Site ""][Date "2020.01.27"][Round "4.25"][White "Bujakevich, Aleksandr"][Black "Kozarcanin, Sead"][Result "1-0"][WhiteElo "2014"][BlackElo "2019"][ECO "C51"][WhiteFed "RUS"][BlackFed "CRO"][FCGameId "819279275"][WhiteFideId "4128117"][BlackFideId "14504650"][TimeControl "660010"][Source "Analyze This App"]1. e4 e5 [%clk 01:39:03] 2. Nf3 [%clk 01:49:06] Nc6 [%clk 01:39:11] 3. Bc4 [%clk 01:48:48] Bc5 [%clk 01:39:11] 4. b4 [%clk 01:48:32] Bxb4 [%clk 01:39:15] 5. c3 [%clk 01:48:29] Bd6 [%clk 01:39:09] 6. d4 [%clk 01:45:52] Nf6 [%clk 01:38:59] 7. O-O [%clk 01:43:29] O-O [%clk 01:38:40] 8. Re1 [%clk 01:39:31] h6 [%clk 01:34:56] 9. Nbd2 [%clk 01:36:41] Re8 [%clk 01:26:03] 10. Qc2 [%clk 01:29:30] Qe7 [%clk 01:14:56] 11. Nh4 [%clk 01:12:27] Kh7 [%clk 01:08:45] 12. Nf5 [%clk 01:05:19] Qf8 [%clk 01:08:53] 13. f4 [%clk 00:55:40] g6 [%clk 01:04:13] 14. fxe5 [%clk 00:50:29] gxf5 [%clk 01:00:52] 15. exf6 [%clk 00:50:15] Bf4 [%clk 00:56:02] 16. e5 [%clk 00:41:25] d6 [%clk 00:54:54] 17. Bd3 [%clk 00:37:23] dxe5 [%clk 00:54:33] 18. Bxf5 [%clk 00:37:22] Kh8 [%clk 00:54:26] 19. Nf3 [%clk 00:28:51] Bxc1 [%clk 00:53:02] 20. Raxc1 [%clk 00:28:21] Bxf5 [%clk 00:51:50] 21. Qxf5 [%clk 00:28:23] exd4 [%clk 00:51:15] 22. cxd4 [%clk 00:26:24] Rxe1 [%clk 00:47:55] 23. Rxe1 [%clk 00:23:36] Re8 [%clk 00:46:10] 24. Rxe8 [%clk 00:22:44] Qxe8 [%clk 00:46:18] 25. Qf4 [%clk 00:22:02] Kh7 [%clk 00:45:19] 26. g4 [%clk 00:15:18] Qd8 [%clk 00:30:47] 27. Qf5 [%clk 00:12:26] Kg8 [%clk 00:27:28] 28. Qf4 [%clk 00:08:13] Kh7 [%clk 00:27:27] 29. Kf2 [%clk 00:07:02] Qd5 [%clk 00:26:45] 30. a3 [%clk 00:06:09] Qd6 [%clk 00:22:45] 31. Qe4 [%clk 00:04:59] Kg8 [%clk 00:22:25] 32. d5 [%clk 00:03:12] Nb8 [%clk 00:17:43] 33. Qe8 [%clk 00:02:43] Qf8 [%clk 00:17:46] 34. Qe7 [%clk 00:02:50] Na6 [%clk 00:14:29] 35. Ne5 [%clk 00:02:54] Nc5 [%clk 00:14:07] 36. Kf3 [%clk 00:01:37] b6 [%clk 00:14:04] 37. Qxc7 [%clk 00:01:15] Na6 [%clk 00:13:52] 38. Qe7 [%clk 00:01:13] Nc5 [%clk 00:11:39] 39. Qxa7 [%clk 00:01:14] Nb3 [%clk 00:09:20] 40. Qe7 [%clk 00:01:11] Nd4 41. Kf2 [%clk 00:00:37] Nb5 [%clk 00:08:40] 42. a4 [%clk 00:00:30] Nc3 [%clk 00:08:39] 43. Qxf8 [%clk 00:00:26] Kxf8 [%clk 00:08:47] 44. Nd7 [%clk 00:00:35] Ke8 [%clk 00:08:29] 45. Nxb6 [%clk 00:00:42] Ne4 [%clk 00:08:31] 46. Kf3 [%clk 00:00:46] Nxf6 [%clk 00:08:38] 47. a5 [%clk 00:00:50] Nxd5 [%clk 00:07:01] 48. Nxd5 [%clk 00:00:57] 1-0

Milan Huits

2:57Tal is like Russia in WW2 everything is attackedTal: I don't give a sht

Michelle / Willian

Where are the Crylireza fanboys now?Welcometoelitechess

John Laizza

I would have never thought end grain could polish like that. Beautiful!

Dhritiman Bhargav Kakati

Nothing is scary. Opposition is too stupid.

Smart Medico

Greeting from NepalPlease add more videos to the beginner to master seriesandanalysis of game below 2000 rated players

Heather F.


I don’t Even know

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Chris Pellatt

Nice looking cue.I did notice that the dowel is offset within the resin though.It comes from setting up your mould.To get the dowel central to the cue butt use the following guide:1.Use the corner to corner method on a square end plate to get your dowel centred (leave say 1/4 inch longer in one direction to allow you to cut the form down to square) and then build the long planks around the outside of the end plate.2.Once you cut down the extra resin you should have the dowel centred within the form.Use the corner to corner method again and you should be able to set the form into the lathe with the dowel perfectly down the centre.3.From there you can use a set guide to form a perfect cylinder, adjust one end of the guide inwards to make the desired taper.Once you have that setup you will have a perfectly repeatable way to make butt ends of cues.


ur english pronounciation is reallybad sry mate