The English Opening - Chess Openings Explained

This guy looks like a mix between Ron Weasley, FredGeorge Weasly, and Bill Nye.I would personally like too see more advanced lessons in the future.Can anyone tell who won ?Thank you sir it's really helpful.How many KW of power does it use just to keep a piece of wood still?OH it said cemeteries.So someone handcuffs you and stabs you multiple times but you're able to escape with the handcuff still attached to your hand and the prosecution ultimately is like "Sorry, ma'am, we can't charge him because you're a drug addict.

I was wincing

I was wincing

1:14:56 If I use dots it doesn't work2 3.Positively golden.Usually in victory too.Is there a book on this chess method?Ang galing mo mapa drama man o comedy.Bro buka catur online g.SuggestionNice prelude to Fischer-Larsen there.What am i supposed to take from this video with this diagonal view?

We want an episode

We want an episode

78, 45, 3313 and 16.The other guy probably bought a ticket to come, sit down and enjoy ronnie o'sullivan.Yes baby all the way 2020 MAGA.Very funny video.Surely after d4xc5 black cannot recapture not because of BxP winning a pawn, but because of QxQ winning a queen.He started to look like pewdiepie just now.If you have the 250 dollar jig.Black pawn promotes with check.(After the first pile pick we throw out half the piles).100's listen to you with only 4-5 badges at that point.

Could have had a checkmate at least one turn ago.You meant figuratively.Who could resist that thumbnail lol.It's sad that it happened on both sides but norbes knows what he did.Another excellent session!Ihave one of these to heat water (got to have my coffee) and heat beans for when we lose electricity for a while.

Fast forwarded to watch each of Magnus's games (congrats to Benjamin Bok).When the fence is square the wood will slide right through.Leaving the pawn unpromoted on the promoting square is an illegal move.Golan could make a check mate by the dark bishop (the bishop on black squares) and queen, there is no knight or bishop to protect the king,at video time 4:47 pushing the pawn forward the game would be ended.Fantastic results!You are really funny.And some fractals based on Julia set look not unlike Chinese dragons.SuggestionAgadmator, could you explain why grandmasters never go for the scotch game?Love slings and am 9 they are fun I would rather have a sling then a ipad.You have to imagine that you can't just walk into a transporter room and ask to beam over somewhere on a star ship and the transporter operator will be like "sure random guy who I don't know who is clearly not ship's company, I'll beam you over to that place that the commanding officer has specifically placed off limits until further notice.

Nigga go get itJesus!

Nigga go get itJesus!

Blue hair is hideous!Miley Cyrus Sex Video.I am happy people with major skills like yours are out there.Bro why are you trembling?I would buy your Udemy course on this topic.Do not do it in your own house.Good parenting is the best predictor of a child’s success.Being a carpenter is fun.He picks very best games and shows them in a short time giving explanations only when necessary.

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I must say I could tell quickly this was above my skill level. That did not stop me from watching to the end. Your tutorial is so clear and concise and easy to follow.I love that you fast forwarded through the assembly. I agree you, are brilliant. And you even watched the baby. How do you keep yourhands so soft? Every woman needs a guy like you.

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Don't need it. Won't buy it. But love watching you review it !

Tri Path

Elginnn :<< Could you contact moontoon? Since the last patch the Short cast skill bug are randomly getting triggered, it's kinda annoying specially on rank games :< footage on my channel... Hope You could helpp, SHSHHS btw Good Strategy :> hope it'll be available soon!

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First :)


Man after unfortunately running into wranglerstar, it’s always nice to see you in my feed! Safety always exists here, never condescending to millennials, and most importantly you actually know what you’re talking about . I grew up doing a lot of this stuff but still always some good advice in here especially now that I have more limited tools than when using my dads workshop.

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That's probably the most pieces I've ever seen involved in a zugzwang situation, including compositions.

Sinan Yaman

Why is getting the draw in the very last scenario of this video good? As well as I know white has a very slight advantage

Alex John

In the critical moment what about b4?

Victoria Marie

12:56 that was so cute when eugene said that

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Well, I'm just happy that I'm related to Keanu Reeves.

Light Show

The ones at home know nothing like normal.For the ones playing the home game, your clueless. I know this is not what he means relax.All jokes aside just this discussion really raised my elo. I got equally as mad when I resigned, and when I blunder. And I have blundered a lot Less than normal.

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Wow, some analysis over there. You might get Magnus one day because of your analysis. Just keep reading his pattern and you will figure it out. By the way, you are lit

Gaurav Sharma

Change this board somehow

Bill Sutherland

Nice, nice, nice.Especially liked the fact that you oiled everything instead of using a surface finish.The oiling should stabilize the wood.Thanks for your time and efforts in making these great videos.Bill from frozen Minnesota, USA

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"I'm not going home. Not really"