The Devil Made Me Do It the First Time

If you are not familiar with at least one opening with white and black.I love how clear you demonstrate things.I've watched this video twice now and I still don't get it how tf is this a good opening I used to think he's just a gm so he can do what he wants and still win but he's playing some good players how is he winning.Condolence to the family rest in peace.It was a troublesome machine that we ended up returning for a conventional tape recorder.An uncastled King against Tal, usually not the best approach.Amatorsko bawiem si troch w odlewnictwo ale nawet w zamknitej dwuczciowej formie grna powierzchnia odlewu zawsze posiadaa niedoskonaoci, tak jakby faktur sera z dziurami.Mk sx phn tch vn u cc bn hiu r hn.

Otherwise gree wouldn't be losing.My favorite OST for jobs!But can you show how to calculate the time it takes for those balls to collide in space?THEN 80 HOURS X 30 ( ?Lo odio lo odio.Just imagine, we had this kind of stuff with Capablanca, Tal, Fischer aso."Sean, "hold my drink.

Played this Dinesh once.

Played this Dinesh once.

It's true that people who have worked very hard in life generally have a much better life than those that have not, but that is NOT the country that I want to live in.Amazing handcraft!Cho xem nh i a i.He can can get a heart flush.The fact that he kept getting paid from clients wills til his death.Just one question.I have a lot of respect for Karpov on and off the board.

Well bitch stop stalking

Well bitch stop stalking

Oh I forgot the soothing balm that is watching Jimmy Brett build.It is not possible in reality because of very less possibilities.I got clickbaited.Carlson played with him.Great teaching abilities, Mark!

ALI did not go to your house to end up tricked into a Ouija session.Me: I saw it as a kid, I knew I wasn't crazy, was it removed in the late 80's?I need a prototype made.Aebersold always says to thinkhear the sound BEFORE you play it.You get to mate in 41, but you mention it could be done in one less move by optimizing toward the end, so let's call it 40.Me who played ac unity:Just like the simulations.Obviously a sex offender.

Just seeing a brilliant mind working gives me motivation.You should do drunken pen blanks next!Kramnik is NASTY.Loved that starfox music!After b to g7 game finish kaise hogi ye samaj me nahin aya sir ji.It stops polynomials being solvable by radicals.I think White is easier to play but Black could pull it off, you probably need defend a bit passively as first because White also has zugzwang, and wait for him to weaken the position then sacrifice everything on the same side of the board and get to the first rank with a queen or rook.I love your videos, but you guys REALLY need to get your health under control.Carlsen need sex.

Engine suggests Nc5

Engine suggests Nc5

The colour is burgundy.Make him live every day of the rest of his life, in pain, agony, and being raped.Any language or something else please reply.Thank you for this series.I shared your previous one of the Sears version of cassette tape and a friend a decade my junior said he thought that the cassette just won the format war before he was born.Thanks for sharing.Imagine being alive at the same time this guy is.I was lost before I saw this.Rather, it's a uniform straight-grained square piece of wood with a perfect rectangular grid on it.

Kyan the Alfa

The puzzle:1. Qxg6 hxg62. Rh8 Kf73. Ng5


The GM needs to tailor his lecture more to the kids. Because of his intellect it's difficult for sure, but these kids probably don't understandterms like prophylaxis. Fiengold ftw!

Nicholas Hawkins

Hey Simon, if you’re seriously considering going vegetarian for a while, I highly recommend the Thug Kitchen cookbooks. They’re vegan (I’m not, so I add cheese sometimes), accessible, fun, and liberally punctuated with profanityshould be right up your alley! Or you could do what I did and marry a vegetarian who also happens to be a great cook.

Scott B

at 18:17 why not take the pawn on e3 with the knight with the pin and king fork and from there mop up instead of rook to a8

Dr. Partha Sarathi Roy

Please see this game between V. Anand vs D. Barua. Mr. D. Barua is the first Bengali GM. He defeated Anand in this game. I liked this game very much. Hope you will analyse it with your great skill and presentation.

Michael Hayes

2:53Why can’t Ivanchuk just take the pawn with his queen?

Ebenezer Stooge

The penny should be abolished. Period.

Jaxson LaCoste

Fuhu M.

Jakub Nowak

Thank you Agadmator for showing us this great game!

Luis Santiago Maya Restrepo


Kiran Jadhav

sir ur mob no please

Basket Williams

lol this stupid mexican kid is so bad. I would fck this guy up ez.

charles valentine

Nice thrones pic bro!

richard culverhouse

Good Bro.

Ahmad AlSubhi

I think confidence let you down John. Magnus talks a great deal about confidence and trusting your intuition, he says that he would’ve won the game against Kasparov if he was confident. Magnus goes into great lengths to describe why, like how you immediately disregard every sharp line. I recommend you watch the video.

Albert Oliver

Can they same concept be applied to how down low would u have to go to see earth


I admire your work and envy your talent but there is one thing that hurts my eyes in this diorama. That's the seatbelts. The pilot left them in perfect order when was leaving the crashed plane?