The Definitive Taekwondo for MMA Guide: Joe Rogan's Kicks in Real Fights

Use it towards an electrician.Isn't answer simply, because you could in theory just make buttons not to eat each other?Im laughing with them like i get the joke.I really love your videos!This is worst chess match i have ever seen.0:44 WAIT HOW DOES SOMEONES SCREEN UPDATE THAT FAST?In Saskatchewan you can watch your dog run away forever.They're doing too much analysis let us just watch the game.

Where to find slicer settings from

Where to find slicer settings from

Any tips on learning that language?"its 2300, it must still make mistakes""its 2500""whats the difference"savage level: 9000.Great stuff eric.Bulgarian maths.Why isn’t it smaller than all real numbers (or fractions) but larger than zero?Ben was right, he is horrible - An embarrassed Brit in the audience.What is this the twilight zone?This guy really doesn't get enough attention in my opinion.

If I get

If I get

OMG you totally fooled me!He deserves a very special place there.Baianinho da Mau e melhor.Is it me or now one even really engages in the topics anymore.Wie immer, ein Meisterwerk!It’s 2020 where the wheel.Lou, your great but you do have to let this guy try to answer and not cut him off so much.

No that's not my card--.Have they ditched Magsafe?If the enemy carriers attack your battleships, that means your carriers are unharmed.Like, I enjoy watching this video, learning how to cut threads and I don't even have a lathe nor will ever have one.Disconnect for 10 secs then go back and play a crushing move.Plz teach me chess,i don't know about chess.I came here cuz my auntie put a suggestion for me.Puts my Aerospace BusinessShop to shame after watching this !I do not know wich is the purpose of that carving wood that had a lot of work making it for nothing !Anytime I hear anything about Zach’s health I’m like If anything happens to Zach I will kill everyone in this room and then myself.

(2542)PRO League Group

(2542)PRO League Group

You look 16 without facial hair :p.That was so cool.Both of them were beast but that Carlsen can see like 10 moves ahead that's amazing.This was a pointless useless video.It's true though that ninjas probably would tend to choose to run away than to fight, objective is the most important thing and a spy's objective isn't to beat the enemy to pulp.2 is 2, 3 is 3, 4 is 2, 5 is three, 6 is two.All of your cutting boards are so beautiful!Who Eats This Stuff?

Manish Pal


Hondo Trailside

Here is the quick answer.If biscuit jointers are not good for joinery, and only alignment, then why did Frank Klausz, who unlike the internet experts and Norm Abrams, actually knows what he is doing, and can cut real joinery as fast as some guys can Domino...Why did Frank do a whole video on biscuit joinery?


Kid isn't only playing chess Hes learning to socialize and understandpeople from all walks of life all races all classes. That lesson is probably even more importAnt than any chess strategy hell ever learn.


6:54 You have analyzed this with a chess engine?

Berkin Abanozlu

You are a great wizard Harry, you really are.- Not as good as youMe! Books and cleverness! There are more important things. Friendship and bravery...

Frank von Thienen

really really cool to see and hear how this all happened.Respect!


Magnus stream this one?

Renan Willian

I would use the Newton Method nowadays (or secant Method) but not like this.


Hum with all the engines (ribka, shredder, houdini, fritz) it could be a real chore to check the games. I dunno, it all so fishy. Look at Naka, one of the best, if not the best Blitzer in the world. Even he could not achieve a streak of 30 wins in a row. So who is this guy? It's Satan playing chess ?

minghui gu

visualizing the abstract and difficult knowledge about biochemitry is perfect!ideas worth spreading.

MD Mynul Hossain

extra ordinary idea

King Sarathos

I've always performed rather well in chess. I can count the number of players I've lost to in a standard game on one hand (not including draws). In speed-chess, however, I have a perfect 0-89 W/L. I intend to break single-digits in the next decade.

Diamond Car07

I love that Vsauses childhood wish is to roll a circle

Z in the Kitchen

Nice presentation, keep it up, joined u


17:05 - 17:19 Whaddaf.....


I enjoyed this but u shouldn't actually move the pieces on the board it's good commentary but don't actually move the peices

Sean Bruck

Wait, after B3, why not push e4 opening a discovered double attack on both knights?