The Deadest Circus Unearthed (Judge's Choice Winner for Metrocon 2014- Sailor Moon AMV)

Good job Marius.Which is unusual for a tas lol.You need to make a cancerous troll level.Just go to this website.Great episode John Oliver, but you're incorrectly calling the 2% number a "mortality rate," which might be why some people are confused.If i were you i wouldn't have put any taper on it,In order to make flat cakes for instance.

Really appreciate your videos, just getting started in the world of Chess and your insights have helped me a lot.Was that Yasser playing?Why couldn’t white just take blacks dark-squared bishop with the king at 13:50?That’s the music tone you heard earlier James !

First, your wood is thick enough to have a good glue surface.Loving Smith-Morra!Heirloom furniture.Sometimes the manual is worth more than the radio.Thought I was going to enjoy this but no I had delusions of adequacy.Apparently AlphaZero played Stockfish 1,200 games, not 100.He just likes making everything harder and longer?

Does Capa know the theory yet?

Does Capa know the theory yet?

How much magnus paid by chess24 ?If black on the other hand tries something like Rc8, the n mate will follow after Rh7 Kg8 Rcg7 Kf8 Kxf6 and what black tries now, its mate with Rh8 on the next move.After watching this video and a couple of your other ones I went to buy a smoothing plane.Cs:33)GameManager.3:15:48 Hess absolutely trashes Danny like a punk!Shit west thing ive watched in years no offence dont like chezs.Thanks, brother have a great week!I like some the explanations for why you chose a running game early on like him not moving his back checkers.Not sure about epoxying that thing though.Thanks for sharing greetings from Finland.

Where's the 2nd episode?Very clear to see that Rob is a master of his craft.An opinion that everyone disagrees with.) so that makes sense.10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO WONTHE MATCH?Until next time, get out there, buy $10k worth of shop tools, rig up dust collection, spend a day building jigs, and.Around 12:30 mate in one u bot.


I feel smarter, understanding math beyond theory is life. I hate the way math us thought.


And those yelling "PROGRAM!" should consider kingscrusher game where Blondie does not play 44. ... Rg1 - a top engine choice by far

Prashant Mishra

abe chutiya english ati nhi to edit kar le Video quality is not good. cant understand properly.


There's something funny about watching you cut wood with carbide bits lol.

sonny loudon

Skewer for alignment. Genius.

Tom Dixon ZL2HGR

Mate......champion video!! Pleasure to watch and learn from :-)


Lollek and Bollek created it.

Dominic Bazinet

Quite simply an awesome factory with some amazing automation, part tracking, quality assurance, the works! This is how all plants should be run.Something tells me it took quite some time to get to this level, but well worth the investment I'm sure.

Todd Olsen

Awesome video!

Anmol Singh Kohli

22:47 "Come On Ben! Show it to me! "Ben - "That's what she said."

Robert Hunt

Great job mate!Cheers from Australia.Subscribed!

xeclipse 01

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Time Warp

My computer kept crashing lol.

Tici YT

21:22 why not Qa4? Then Kf8 (maybe) Qxb4.

Lenzel Gates

We need a Hitman vs JJDD rematch they both done improved fr

God Father

so can we use this against whatever variation of sicilian?

Nguyn Phm


Darlene Sample

They will be hiding