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This vid is like the best vid ever.This is amazing.Can someone explain what happened at 23:55 I’m so confused.Would love to have that shop of yours.It seems to give a similar position to the winning variation shown earlier.Blessings thelma.I like that he makes sure to bump none of the inputs, very thorough u.Ego should have no place.

Something I learned after buying a book about the building of this gigantic ship was that the Titanic was not fully booked, on her maiden voyage.Pf3 was super strong.Ganda talaga itong napanood ko.I used to employ it a while ago and it was tons of fun.1:07:44 why can't king take knight?

This is like

This is like

It looks like Taylor tools are sold out of the 5x12" float glass.So useful Thank you.YouTube conspiracy music guru: flat earth man album.Zuckerberg's perfectly ironed tee shirt from a tube, yeah right!How come mine exploded?CARUANACARLSEN 2018.Wow there good at chess but the black side did it wrong when he presses the clock by the queen in tournament thats illegal.Wow, BEST HALFCROSSHALVINGLAPJOINT THING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!Venila ecense kaha milega.It's all in the angle, tricky, tricky, looks great though!

He cheated by using engine on other window.Good work tho, very interesting to see that RATS NEST of wiring and POTs inside the radio.43:00 - Checkmate, how about that :D.Im already the unstoppable chess player in my school even im just 8 years old.He's the 3 under-14-year-old player in Israel and the 67 under-14 player in the entire world.Start looking at elements in M from first element to last.Sorry if the translation is not this because I'm translating google ok.Greenbreakcase 8:Button22.Funny how here he said he had no interest in covering the format he mentioned and now he have basically covered them directly or indirectly.

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Mayank Rastogi

At8:22/15:41White can pin black's queen by playing bishop D5 !I think you missed it !

Xinyu Hu

(a'! a'! a'!)! =6 where "a" can be any constant number.

Mashood Cco

what a comedy stoey

Sudheer Aswathnarayana

This is awesome... Instead of having the top just slide all the way, I would like to keep it in-place as you pull out like a draw!! anyway, the board and the video is superb!!

Joseph Stalin

These kids have no sense of humor

Leandro the light

Nice shot, surprise to see a Brazilian game in any channel.... We have some good players but even Brazilian don't know our chess players. Very hard to pronunciate Brazilian names

Ataullah Khan


BreAnna Pannells

anna litsiadis

Is this for Americans only? Or Canadians as well?

Brgr wffls

Galing galing ng bb kooo!!!

Ron Poddig

ok I am kind of new to a lot of hand tools and just out of curiosity, how is the plain not cutting the base? it has to be protruding out the bottom some right? love the videos.

AyushY Gaming

App development or game development


Round 1: gheechiRound 2: JjddRound 3: gheechi

Alexander Grace

Well, epoxy can make any shit look nice...) But am I right - it took over two years for you to build it??? Then I understand why you didn't sand and polish it thoroughly - it would take another year for you to finish it...)) Anyhow, if you want to live a long and healthy life, always keep your back straight lifting heavy stuff and never wear gloves working with a circular saw, router or jointer

Stewart Zayat

David is actually pronounced as dah - vid, the 'a' is pronounced just like the vowel in the word 'done'


material science flash back

Robin Clark

That boy's a freaking beast

bhargava pothakamuri

While everyone is stuffing toys, this dude legit painted the depth. Hats off bro.

O Collins

MVP of this video is that wooden block.. got my vote and about to go put one in my tool bag asap.

Caroline Dela Fuente

Eugene just effortlessly win like wtff


I’m blown away by your range of skills. That’s a gorgeous guitar you made. Thanks for sharing!