The Bird's Opening: A very aggressive one! - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Love the way you embellished the gilt.So, I have a small tip to expand your vast knowledge a bit more.Tie breaks should start with classical.This topic has always fascinated me.

If Chess would have considered a religion, Bobby

If Chess would have considered a religion, Bobby

This is not happy ending.Oh man, that opening is a banger!Your biscuits seema bit tight.Interestingly aswell, Tal usually puts his light square bishop on d3.PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!

It looks awesome.White b2 pawn is still protected.That is how I get my Kershaw (and Shun) knives for a VERY reasonable price.It's not working, can't pass through while using "const".The first is your energy, and the second is your time.I didn't know Gary Kasparov played human beings anymore.What's going on?

But he does a great job.Magnus said,Are you for fucking real or what.Then ask fan girls if they wanted to meet the bishop.I have no idea,how this dude stays there not under not under headache dropperonly spray paint is more then enough for headache.Tal was the kinda guy to sell you his house for 5 bucks but after you moved in you find out its booby trapped.When Baba Ramdev beats Carlsen 2:00:37.Your youngest girl is too funny with the camera.Excellent Performance.Hi bro, can you make a booken pls?

Girl, you did

Girl, you did

At 13:40 the parts already cut before he runs the code ).I am waiting for a Luke Skywalker.To at least spice things up a little (though black is still probably better).You can try all the strategy you want.Could you guys release the video as a try not to laugh video?I clicked because the man inthumbnail looks like doc brown talking about dice.He will be our next President.I swear I've had the same experience one hundred times before.Square Off board can be summed up in one word.

You can buy bat soup and other wild animals that have been historically vectors for species hopping virusesother pathogens in markets in Wuhan and other places in China that illegally sell wild animals such as bats.Doing it freehand as well.Ok, this guy isn’t bad, but I could beat him no problem.Would you say it's as clean as it would be if you ran the wood through a table saw?Nice vdeo anyway!

Ricky Berwick

Sony Wh1000-XM3 gang, rise up!


0:29 - 0:56 Best Speech Ever !!!


You can't lie to me, Ben. You say you're a nice guy but not really, but I see how you handle kids. You can roast anyone with a blowtorch and you always dial it way back when a kid messes up. Any jokes you tell are either way above their head deliberately, or it is a joke they can laugh along with. Go Ben!

Nine Three

just are some mini tomatoes and decided to watch this suggested video in the corner:)


I thought Eastbourne was the town and Sussex a county. I'm not a Brit, but I think you screwed that one up on the Adams case.

Chess Czar

I absolutely love these old-school games from the classical days of chess.Steinitz, Lasker, Alekhine, Chigorin, Morphy - all these guys were mercilessly brilliant.

Lenzel Gates

We need a Hitman vs JJDD rematch they both done improved fr


Is Kasparov playing professionally yet?


Excellently made tutorial,Thank you Siro)

Galt Dunn

No one else can so thoroughly demolish a 2600 rated bullet player (sorry Jerry) while casually chatting to the people. What an amazing player you are John.

Sangeet Das

I jugest turn your volume down. And enjoy ,,in fact you can only enjoy by doing this. Other wise big blundder...

Pratik Agrawal

Mind blowing game bro

six strings

Wash your hands and sing happy birthday and you'll be ok.

megha jain

Yummiest ever..........Tasty.........So mast

hind al fadil

as an architect ... i could really use a bag like this to keep my stuff... job well done

Esaii Taylor

What hardware was used on the drawers?

Secret Label

Recent events put a huge hole in global economy theory

The Buddha of Knowledge Michaels

Russia was founded by Vikings. And their descendants got conquered by the Mongols. They threw out Mongols . They czars ruled after that and the Communists took over.

David Parker

Thank you.