THE BASICS: Your three best friends-Cube, Sphere, Cylinder

As a Caro-Kann player, when Ben said "we're just inventing moves here"I died.N plus i had T top 2-1 over arsonal.Don''t know why i watched this vid.Are you going to paint it too?Why is everyone playing in to his WCcprep?

What is going on.Beautiful chess.Hahahahahahah the first 40secs had me dead.Watching for 2nd time.It's winning, it's so winning.Citation neededThe supposed existence of demons remains an important concept in many modern religions and occultist traditions.You can also adjust you rpm to suit so your cutting forces are kept the same between semi and finish cuts.I tried this and I won my father btw I am just 9 and he is 59.

Tbh I think this should be normal.

Tbh I think this should be normal.

At 03:17 I almost died.What about gluing and pin nailing?I put a checker on the 4th row and then set as the goal to get every checker back behind the red line.I see you have a few thumb downs.Magnus lucky he didn't go in for that line.Feeling blessed.

Just after the opponent played pawn to

Just after the opponent played pawn to

I subbed because you are crazy like me.Hahaha bigla ako sinipon.Not one of the men have the personality to get sales, they don't listen to me :( The opportunities are unlimited for us out there.2:25 - 2:35 Dude, it's TOTALLY NOT about complexity of a casean incident, rather if such statement(s) isare LogicalPlausible.I enjoy watching your videos but I have a question.Carlsen is a beast!

DeeDee get out of my laboratory!Mra moist q bna?You vaguely pointed out undefended pieces "Black Queen," but didn't touch on scanning the board for undefended pieces.Ultimate road to laziness and fatigue.You mean to make sure the penny is at most 1982.

Only issue I see is that burrito is cold.If he only needed a draw to win the mini-match, why bother pressing and potentially making a mistake?Aren't Natural Numbers that start from 1, And Whole Numbers are the one that start from 0.Still looks cheap and nasty.I buy very cheap circular saw, the brand is RU.Solid fans po ako.I was under the impression that both my bookend slabs were the same size and they were except one is just under 2in and the other is 3in.Then paused and played several times to analyze why and how he chose those moves perfectly.Anyway, great games and brilliant commentary!

Very creative with a lot of common

Very creative with a lot of common

So the tower takes, it will be a win of the tower and a forced back queen.And the satisfaction you get when you see the best move for the current situation is just a little bonus.Me encanta jugar ajedrez.Give the kid a break, you dont think you were annoying when you were his age?Not a huge fan of the black.

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Ganesan Kuppusamy

Dedicated to all scientists/Engineers in Heaven and on EarthPart 1Basic Divine ForcesAuthor(Anjelana Gansam)The process of planning, designing, executing and maintenance of universe functioning systems is referred to as Universal time limit operation system. This process is carried out by the Almighty of the Universe based on the Nature of Reality of the Active Planets. These systems serve a variety of time limit functional needs of planets and living beings. Several factors in time limit functions need to be considered based on the functional behavior of non living things when activated and living things. All elements of non-living things in the Universe are having two functional behavior of minus and plus and require activation to perform its time limit function. Every element in the seven universes is made of Jabiga atoms (living electro molecule and living nucleus dust) and Ronos (electromagnetic force). All atoms of an element are not the same but all the atoms have minus and plus sense. Atoms of different elements are having different kinds of behavior and have different kinds of time limit functions. Jabiga atoms of different elements which are normally related to each other can join hands when time limit activation is normal to form a new force or to create a new component. If not related to each other it takes avatar as a destructive force with abnormal time limit creates natural calamities which could not be controlled by human. There are two fundamental forces namely Jabiga and Ronos forces with four avatars. Jabiga forces with plus and minus characters and Ronos forces with plus and minus characters are involved in keeping stable Jabiga atoms. Ronos electromagnetic force helps for keeping Jabiga atoms stable. Another fundamental gravity force disturbs the time limit function of Jabiga atom to some extent. Earthians View: According to study by Earthians When solar system was born 4-6 billion years ago only 6 percentage of potentially inhabitable planets that will ever form in the universe existed, which means 92 percent of more earth like world yet to be born. Earthians accepted that Earth planet is not flat but just like a ball rotating, that there is a vast dark force, Earthians studied about the shining stars and heavenly bodies and also named some planets and stars. Earthians creating horoscope and calculating the fate of human being based on the planetary movements and stars. Earthian accepts that there are seven human beings with similar face structure. Earthians cannot deny that they appeared on the Earth without parental sexual functions. There is Universal power that no one can see or feel the power or predict the time limit function of the Almighty. There are about 300 Active planets in seven universes. Just like Earth Planet there are one planet in Haloma Universe, one planet in Rajsival Universe and one planet in Hindoma Universe. All the three planets are identical to the Earth Planet, and Bindra (mold) is just like Earthians, but mass of the three planets may vary. Time limit functions (Life time) are blessed by the Almighty to all living beings of active planes in the universes based on the nature of Active Planets. Time limit functions to non-living things can be classified:

Harry Bond

The catch... jig costs $239... this channel is for rich woodworkers!

Noob Dude

Everybody wants to buy ling now XD


speedrunners: sub 1 hour aint possiblenicroveda: im a beast, i got sub 1 hour2025: wr is 31min 11sec

michel vegt

ik geef toe heb wel eens mijn koningin opgeofferd tegen een paard of een andere stuk ze dachten dat ze zouden winnen maar ik won alsnog p.s ik ruil mijn koningin gerust voor twee stukken maar gebruik mij andere stukken des te meer

mani kandan

Possible queen h1

The Algerian Tank

- No one:- Agadmator whenever the Italian game is on the board: They should've played the Evan's Gambit! what a shame!

Rambo Harrison's

Epoxy will not flow into tiny holes that is the reason for sanding sealer even if you are going to use polyurethane or spar varnish but you can use 2 parts oil based poly to 3 parts thinner or the same ratio spar varnish (oil base) to make your own sanding sealer but give 2 to 3 times longer drying time between each coat then the can directions say in a well ventilated area

Sam Pull

Nice job!

Seba Plsk

Amazing piece of work ! Very beautiful guitar, I loved it !

Tian Sun


Shersal Gaming

Is that the Prusa CoreXY machine on the second shelf on the left..? 22:02

Louis gsmith

Hey there, I began putting these together following the instructions on your website. It told me to attach the too board using 2-1/2" screws, but when I did that, the screws went all the way through the 42" 2x4 and poked out. Should I use a smaller screw or what am I doing wrong here?

The Rubik's of Darci

But how that robot know the moves and how they can see


Your machines are priceless!!!!!


Maybe get some more chess quotes? I really like them.....