The Amateur's Mind #10 , the "push or not push dilemma" with side-central pawns

19:45 you cannot grab the pawn by the king.Over a summer, it can get pretty warm in there and the heat will stay longer into the evening.This movie was trash, the original was far better.Is that 280k subscribers good job sir.My chess set costs 1$.

15:09 Isn't Kh3 followed by Kg2 cleaner and faster way to win?I really like the music!I saw black with 4 units but i only saw white with 2 units, but he said white had 4 units, so im not sure what he means by "units".I’m so scared of fondant, but after watching this video and your very helpful explanations, I think I’m going to give it and try and cover a cake in fondant!Apk file here goo.Either refers to one or the other, each can refer to both sides.I was never a fan of Magnus until I got his type of dry humor.I was like WHOA WHAT?

Yeah i didnt understand a single fucking thing that happened here.1200 here i would rather lose than spend 30min to win a game.Jsyk it's pronunced al- yay- kin.It also helps me go to sleep and stay asleep.I found Qd4 but I think it was more common sense than my chess brilliance.I especially like how they made the disks so that the whole stack could be flipped half way through the album.10:36 sao anh k ly Hu n tt A7.1:05:34 Isn't pxp, pxp, Re1 pinning the queen downright winning?

Please delete this video and start over.

Please delete this video and start over.

The theater was empty.For $10,000 i can build you a 3D printer with a 3ft bt 3ft by3ft build size.Until you showed Bud Light.Really excellent.Fischer played excellent and was two times USA champion, but simply Tal was so strong in 1959 and crushed them all.A kinda Bruce Hornsby style.They would have behaved like people.

Sir,you make wood bending look so simple.Fuck toggi :(just kidding, hi toggi.H6 which weakened the g6 square for the white knight, after that white had draw by perpetual but he found a way to win in time scramble, very nice game, hope Aronian is official world challenger for next match with Carlsen's title at stake.About 3-4 months later, I plugged it in again to check it out and it wouldn't even power on.Anyone noticed james was the only one they didnt cencor?I don't know, this just goes beyond my chompreansion.

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wait but if you divide or e by 0, what happens?

Timmy Fay

Over 1 million views! An Agadmator classic.

Casey Spencer!

Holy crap, I have never thought about taking those crappy adjusters off. Thank You

LA Afridi

Bd5 pinning the queen at 8.22?

Andy Kapsar

i have a bit of a different had said over 100 pounds of titanium came off. what do you do with all your scrap shavings? do you just take trucks full to the local scrap yard snd take by the ton scrap value? do you have a deal worked out with mills that they take/buy back the scrap to reuse it? thats something that ive always wondered about, since im sure some of the material you work with cant be cheap

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Abdul Waseem Sheikh

What to do if white plays C4 in third move instead of B5?

Kurt Tallon

Great video Steve, thank you.

Dane Flynn

Make a timber border around table and lay glass into it. Problem fixed.

libertatem habet pretium

Chess commentary is usually very one dimensional. You offer an amusing, contextual and personal approach. Well done, beautiful videos.

DJ roel In da mix

Ang bait na man ni hanna subra

Syed Majid Ahmed

MashaAllah so impressive and lot of respect to this Man and of course who took the vdo

King Jester

The work is beautiful, so is the music.


Sorry, I am a beginner. Why Anand resigned, he had possibility to move the king to one field and keep playing


Business and Image Wise? That wasn’t The Smartest thing for Twork to do. Principle Wise and As A MAN?? After hearing him tell the story of what happened I Totallyunderstand why he did it. Aye Norbes...........Sometimes it’s not what a man does but the WAY He goes about it feel me?