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Why didn't he save his rook?Chocolate shorty on the right side blue Jean's and pink shirt thicker than a mf.And then you get.Yasser Bob Ross.25 the black king should play b5 instead preventing the bishop from getting to a4!

2 is some goddamn Binding of Isaac shit.Don't be fooled guys, Magnus is using HACK!I'm a nice guy that likes lions.We're almost sorta pretty good, kinda.

Why the fuck r u going ahead of the game I was so confused.Just think for the fun of it".Pour joy to hear!Bro I don't knows who win.Carlsen, Liren, and Caruana have to take this guy seriously.Now at the end I still don’t have a clue.I recently re-read it.I could beat morphy if he didn't have atleast one of his pieces That piece is the king.Has the YouTube algorithm slipped an unwanted sub into my feed?So will this help me on other things like WPF and windows forms application?

Find out on the next

Find out on the next

How is the coolant line made?I started watching cat videos, then I end up here.Very screwed mind set up.Knopple B vs Hogwall Dwindmill attack ka plz.I'ts a very deadly combo that requires tons and tons of analysis in order to achieve.Bobby was right that 84-85 kasparov-karpov match was completely staged (every move of every game).Yeah but there all the same thing right.

Where did you put beware of dog sign?Also like the quality some people don't think about.Correct me if I'm wrong, but natural numbers don't include a zero, right?I can imagine people in the late 80s, who perhaps had a little too much money, buying one of these things.Bxh3 Hikaru says with his move: "Save face brother!No wonder it never took off.Tune your chess tactics antenna is the name of the book the 7 signals comes from.What is it good for?What's the brand of the parachute bag?

Can’t sit though 10min of Ben’s presentations.Great job i hope some.This is dumber than the 2move checkmate!Sari Ramayan khatam m still confuse seeta kiski biwi, Yar koi to batao kon jeeta.I want one of these.

misheck ndlovu

Yoo brah love the beat it's killing


wow, DIM...Do-It-Manually

surendranath pandey

Mind blowing video

Andriy Andreyko

It was sow lovely!

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that lazy fatass R on a1

Arvindh Mani

Slightly off-topic here, but just wanted to say that your name pronunciations are so on-point, not a moment of hesitation before saying both names. You got the Indian one absolutely perfect. I wish everybody associated equal importance towards getting people's names right!

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9 8-1-20-5 10-5-23-19

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Only people from sweden can do this

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I like so much thisstoryna subrang ko nang luha .

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21:23:Paranormal activity at the second row.A ghost can be seen on the third and empty seat.


A great piece of work.I've built a lot of cutting boards and I always ask later on if they liked it or not, problems, needs. etc.Almost all my customers and family have removed the rubber legs for the board, especially if it has hand grabs cut into the ends.They prefer setting the board down on the counter and with the legs they tell me it's a pain to wash in the sink.So now I don't waste time or money for the rubber feet. You may want to skip that part and offer it as an upgrade or make a limited number without rubber feet.Just a suggestion.I wish I had a CNC machine.Again, beautiful work and your shop is awesome.

Linda Smith

What a beautiful design. I liked the legs that was solid dark it really added to the look of the wood holding up the clear apoxy.

Alexander Ortiz

A lot of this video assumes that weonly ever use bases equal to the number of fingers we have. lots of cultures use other bases

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how many hours did you spend on this project


Very enlighting things on e.


Still prefer my pure drive over my pro staff.

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What is CPE?

Occi dere

Who is NiTe90

Brandon Turner

Love. It loveit more of it keep up the good work be careful and be safe peacebye