tfw you only get 2 points from beating a 2900

Appreciate your work and the consideration, thank u.Then so you can make all the pawns identical, and then return one bishop to make it identical to one of the bishops you already turned.So if the little bowl of goo were 6 bowls of different kinds of goo then you could 2D print 6 different kinds of material on one layer until all the layers are built up."Can we make a knight's tour TRULY magical?I sure hope that you do.I Laughed Soooo Hard when u threw the doll at Ali and he screamed.Also, where you purchased them?In his bad moments he show some respect and keep on struggling.

Games nowadays r disappointing as hell.That's just awesome.Sayang ng panahon.New largest prime:(1010000000000)- 1 - (10100000)number of digits: 101000000000 digitstake that 274207261-1 which is about 23 million digits and takes up three big books!Rather I should say the theory of lIfe.Needless to say, they did NOT want people finding out how it workedSo, let's talk about how it works.Another reason it’s fake is he was drinking coke instead of Mtn Dew.For number 5 just tell your friend to create the two piles.

Hey man awesome build as usual.Mga jawa na taga dewey ge pangita dakan makapasar p.It’s like chess, but with frikken lazers.Does the opponent HAVE to call the touch move violation?Can anyone please explain what this move on f6 is?How twisted is that?In 2019 Sep 15, 34,000 persons in the USA people died of some sort of lung problems!Mono, in the left channel.I appreciate all your honesty, esp.

Good opening from white.Preshtal, why do you say some sentences very slowly, then speak at a very fast rate at other times?Newby here, appreciate the humor, good for my sanity quotient, reminds me I bought a metal lathe to have fun with it.If you a while hunting haunted house do not be talk to much we cant hear anything in there and do notlaughing all the time just for respect sprit live in there.He won 3k dollars?Hey tech moan,I have an old Sony radio headphone set from 1982 and it just stopped working recently,any idea for any common cause it stopped working or way I can fix it?

Maybe a little regrinding?Be patient, and relax for it is coming.Ini pke apk apa bang?Summoning Technic?I have watched it 3 times!Why would you sac your queen?Im crying ang bait na nag ampon i salute 1000 times.


can't you just move the g7 pawn up to g6 and then both players need to come up with a new strategy?

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Ok, hold on, pause everything. How the heck did he cut off his finger with a plastic knife?!

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John, I have problem getting plastic club set with glossy finish. In my country, they only sell the dull and matte set. Even was unlucky to get same dull matte, hollow design from online. Where can i get club set solid plastic with glossy finish not hollow chess set?


But you think it is possible to simply hold a piece in your hands, you know, because if you just won't release it, then the opponent did not win a queen, but a pawn... that is how everything "works" in Africa, which is why nothing works in Africa...

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Can you stop saying bad word but i love your videos


French defense was a mistake because all know they retreated all battle to be finally defeated. I suggest to try German blitzkrieg, Russian counter attack, Polish heroism, USA continuous delivery or English waiting for victory :D

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Very, very,beautiful...........

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Good man, taped down the speaker wires to maintain polarity!This is some gooood Nerd TV!Whoo hoo!

down 4 whateva

Ain't that what you did to Esham Royce?? Keep it real SMH