TFT Mobile: Never Surrender | Strategy Gameplay - Apk/IOS 2020

This one is truly amazing.16:53 so should the peak when the interval is infinite rise toinfinity?However, you've explained it in such a way that I feel like, with time and lots of practice, I CAN eventually do this.I used to test engines with that position.6:30 "So, you go to the store and you buy chicken.They couldn't convict him because the child's family was sensible enough not to further traumatise her by facing her attacker again and be questioned and forced to recall the trauma she's gone through?01:03 let's not lets.

Weird bug, but yeah.By the way, which software was used to create those cool drawings on your presentation while the video was playing.I sold my resin printer for the reasons above as well as many others.Would the wood (pun) still expand and contract?In Soviet Russia.Excellent speed of explaining and "boom, boom, bang":-) grymt bra.You have already forgotten about the main position until kingcrusher brings it back.In another statement "I want to play chess without left Rook piece".

If you also assume Bob would know what Alice is going to do since D1 then it would take maximum of 4 days depending on the answer they start with.Just want to say that, while I have always been curious about these printers, I have never really WANTED one until NOW!They were original classics from the 50s.It's something to be able to commentate blitz games well, but to commentate bullet games well.Fuck that I get lost in hospital's during the day but when it's pitch black inside.Well now, it is a tinker toy.That's why I shop online on black Friday.

Husband: A guillotineWife: For what?Developing mindlessly also leads to an equal or slightly better for white due to having the first move, even against weaker opposition.Call out for my dad: when i told you how excited i was to go get a haircut and wanted to chop it short (i planned on a bob) and then you had the NERVE to say "not too short, i have a daughter not a son.I've watched this video twice, and not for the meme aspect.First trick an apprentice chippy in UK learns is mix glue with sawdust!A video on Vishwanathan Anandp.It’s a frustrating and complex game to keep track of.Will take you up on the teaching chess to some1!I love this version of magnus,his early stages,he has his hair loose everywhere,middle stages he has combed but without any beard and now this?

Dubov is just memorizing the lines, he is not even looking at the board.Sorry Agadmator, you are a gentleman, i failed at being one.By the way this clock reminds me of the old "electronica g9 04" russian nixie tube clock in my room when i was a kid.I like your creation.You are an inspiration, Shaun!I understand it is an undeveloped piece for an advanced knight but in the early queens traded endgame is it not better to immediately win the bishop pair early on?The next magnus carlsen.Great commentary of a great game.Last time i was this early Anand was still good.

These are cool.

These are cool.

Remain credit card process itself.Thanks for sharing!Out of the three top 8 sacrifices I have to say that Morphy's have been my favourite.London bridge is fallin down fallin down jowa haha.It’s not check,ate from e8 to f8, the girl can put her queen in front.Its good to have help from fam, but do u.You would think for the amount of media exposure this receives and the number of YouTube viewers that they would t least provide a decent camera angle - the 15 deg oblique shot makes it difficult to see the board - buy a boom stand and hang the camera so it is at least 45 deg to the board - we do not need to see idiots standing in the background.


Kurang lengkap tadi bang . Ada kemungkinan tadi kudanya ga dimakan .

Md Ibrahim Khalilullah

wow my fvrt chess


Times like this make me happy i was tought my maurice ashleythank god he came to automotive

doppler- effect

16:40 rook to a6 ?

Gracia Trinidad

Wow ganda talaga pag true story

Derrick Nelson

Pokemon Crystal!!!

Lyzzie K.

This was such a fun idea! I'd love to see more of it!

Joy Division

No idea what's going on, but cool


I like the ad-lib way of Working!!!!!!

Le Codex

When I watch your videos I actually get a Bob Ross feeling, with all your positivity and showing and explaining how you make everythingYeah, Coding Bob Ross but a bit faster paced


Maybe I can play guitar better then him...probably not...

Micah van Everdingen

He had all my card guesses wrong lol


Hey, you a bit to fast.. Could you don't skip or make the time faster when you Entering the code ? So that we can understand the process of everything and not just write some codes. No hate you make good Videos.Have a nice day.

Nestor Sernitchez Jr.

37:19 ...Re8??? , better be .. Rd8! which defended by the queen for Black and prevented the incoming checkmate


Do your Leg

Alexander Harvey Conrad

Morphy would be proud.

Hundred Marker

If chess were made today: You cannot make that capture because you do not have the "En Passant" Power Card equipped. (Hint: Purchase loot boxes to acquire Power Cards!)

Local Mechanic

Kramnik memorial

Justin Feemster

5:48 I lost it lmao You can do whatever you what, T.I. style!What?ExactlyHow can you not love this guy

Isaac Greear

This was very clear and helpful. I hope my opponents did not watch this.

Levi Nies

At 13:46 after g5 isnt it maybe an idea to play Rd5 to grab the two kingside pawns, then sac the rook for the a-pawn and try to push the 3 connected passers with a knight?