Ten Wand Display w/ Wands Unboxing - Noble Collection

Nice video can you make video on queen and king gambit.A video so very well done.And that's why Agad has 500k subs.

I hope you don't sleep tonight, because it's absolutely not alright.I wonder what they were saying at the end.Any possibility we can submit our own works?

At the end what about Rb5?Cruising for a brusing lol.Paws and knee songs.38 will mean 1,876.Wow you really good on this game.Who won and why?It does'nt help when you're going super zonic speed.At 6:12somebody walked on the left.

All by chance with no goal?

All by chance with no goal?

I have an old, (REALLY OLD) lathe and one of those old crappy Chinese bench top style milling machines.We need a rematch!I came upona more qualified player on YouTube than myself.My only other nit to pick is that you did not touch on personal safety equipment at the start.It seems to encourage playing around the equation.Greetings from Brazil o.Want to thank you for this lecture, it's helped in my Sicilian preparation a lot.According to IMDb, Woody Harrelson is 5 FT9.I don’t know why but this is making me really sad ):.

This video opened my eyes to why I lose so often to better players.Secondly, he has to pay the neighbour the full 1000, of which he has 200, so he has to find a further 800.Its crazy how many top chess players are just kids.(Sem ser o black).Instead of whipping cream?Hey can i keep it freeze for next day?What about rook takes?Because every time you think "oh I bet this prison is possible, you realize that creating different prisons changes "Greenland" which then makes escaping impossible!How did y’all watch the battle in full and get everything there were saying?

Why is your hair

Why is your hair

The real risk if the pawn is removed is winning the exchange.This is easy for humans?Wonderfully done, thank you!At 2:17 What if knight moves to h2.Besides Grishuk I think Ivanchuk is the other player thats not intimidated by Carlsen in blitz.We really enjoy.Dobbs acts like there’s been some master plan to predict future pandemics?Happy leap day everyone, see you all in 2024.But bhavana's acting is not that good as she does in other films.

3:13 magnus was like:nah I'ma just stand here.Great project though!Sorry can anyone answer this noob question.Super delicious easy to follow thank you for sharing enjoy your video pls let's be connected my friend OSHI.Starting at 10:41 you can see a pair of eyes in the attic between the boards.

Did you forget the music of

Did you forget the music of

And would totally try to eat geese too.Thick skin is GOOOODD!Ye cace butter milk ki vaghse khatta to nahi lagta na ?On move 31 of the first game of the tournament after cb6 black could try de3 b7 e2 b8 Queen and comes e1 night check forcer kf4 and bd2 check MATE lol.I'm starting to believe as soon as you enter an NA vs EU match, you lose all your chess skill.

Dylan Shores

When jack said the lady was in a diskise he thought he was smart but the lady is an animal because humans are animals

Alan Darkworld

If a video starts with "Hi, this is Jerry. We have Bobby Fisher on the white side", then you already know what will follow: destruction.

Edwin Leach

Functional and pretty too!!


I'm sorry, but I can't stop hearing "bloink"


Hi Andy harris,thanks lot to you for make me think. And now I know the importance of comments .

larry verona

What a fighter boy,, he's only 14 years old,,

Way Woodworking

Looks great! Cant believe after all the dowels you dropped in some pocket holes you sinner!


Very instructive video with a lot of useful endgame information


Would suspending the submarine from the periscope and pouring the resin in around it work? Great piece though well done.


Yasser is awesome

john capwell

Jay: great build. The little tips ( wax, chamfer, etc) are great. I appreciate the detail in your work. I will use your build as a base but I think I will try to extend the usage with an add on. I do see great applications for the insert for frames and trim. My intention is to create a 45 degree ramp that will allow me shoot meters on 2 boards for mitered corners which are ultimately locked by a spline.

Dom Mon

It’s annoying when you don’t play during your turn, you can talk during the other 3 players turn

Emma McKay

Is it just me or did I hear a little girl voice say yup at 9:37

Mario Luigi

good music.


2:17 gives me a lot of anxiety

Dustin Albright

Beautiful knife Neil!

HazeL Nuts

I have to thank you Ben for the SHHHHHHH i use it all the time with the kids I'm teaching