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Really cool pre-moving at the end, many thanks as always.This Thing Went Viral?Full Episode Kasi Hindi Ko Natapos Ang Pagpanood kahapon.I mean, religious Freedom, normal politics, the trade and the fact that the mongols accepted inginuity.What is strangely weird to me is what mental state people must be in to give 165 thumbs down.White delivers checkmate next move.

My hand, or my confidence in my hand, isn't steady." loved all 101.Holy shit Magnus and Dwight on the same interview ?Very insightful commentary, thanks very much.He looks like young Botvinnik,his playing style as well.

  What softwares

  What softwares

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Not have lines on

Not have lines on

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Or magnetized metal that wears

Or magnetized metal that wears

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Preeyen Mistry

Did I just spot a Seiko SARB035?!

Alien Scientist

What wood did you use for the shavings?

Felton Shamel III

Get u some Crystals u dangerous

Nitron Hydrium

How many top world champions of all time are there?

Mikhail Sporyshev

not a single word about GNU

Janani Karthick

Why you do this JK Rowling? All the feels...but for real I cried watching this scene. It's so beautiful and yet I feel so sad. I also feel excited at the climax...


cant believe he blundered that

Orx Icx

Agadmator didn't even find excuses for this, he just got his sister calling him in the kitchen at the beginning, and then got punched in the eye by a mosquito.