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This phrase is intentionally vague, allowing room for interpretation.The real challenge would have been to restore that old saw blade.Who is still playing this song in 2020?Move the King avay :-) Very vell.

Your channel is so informative and educational.The puzzle's answerQc7 bxa5Re8Bc8Rxc8 Qxc8Qxc8 1-0.I had no idea of his depth.You guys are just haters.I prefer your old videos without the outro music and the drumrolls.He played his hand correctly, and if your her you lose all your money everytime.

A real police

A real police

Are they brother and sister?Will it fly when gases will flow through the srcew?I haven't laughed so hard at a YouTube video for a long time.He wrote his own pieces to perform as a touring virtuoso, and they are still up there in terms of difficulty.Idol un move ni wesley so ay engine move po!You have a magic gift my dear.I'm a maintenance and Diagnostics Tech working within a manufacturing plant.Some traditional Japanese chisels have the octagonal handles.

I wish I

I wish I

None of the alternative moves he's suggesting are even his own!I thought he had something prepared to justify these moves, but nothing appeared other than an awful end game.But the one that suggested that terrible grassy board to Magnus.I like ur recipes sooo much because no oven,no egg.Just now I read a YouTube comment from other video of a person talking about it was a treat to see Karpov in his early days, young with dark oily hair n something like that.He, Freddie, and the rest of Queen always put their hearts and souls and emotions into their singing and playing.When i play, i run out of mana :.This was all very pro.

So why was

So why was

The armoured lines and high collar both look very cool.The only issue with this amazing track is it means no Dudley goodbye.Suggestion Latvian Gambit.As is the case with pancakes,creps,and children, the first one is sacrificial.I appreciate you making it more understanding how to get perfect dovetail joints.Lol those fucks raised it by $50.

Anwar danced around it the whole time.-Claims he's bad at blitz-Finishes in top 10 at world blitz championship.He is very intelligent and a role model but a terrible speaker.The guy who resigned after the knight sacrifice is the worst!You get the idea :P.Definitely worth watching all the way through.How fast are you.The chess hustler is very bad at chess.Should I upgrade my PC just because of a chess game?

Foo S.

Wish I had found this video yesterday - would have saved me time staring at screws for 15 minutes last night :)I'm about to build your workbench, Steve, and had no idea what type of screws to buy. Luckily, I bought 8 for wood. Wish me luck!

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What is the use of castle

Marc Venne

Hello,Nice video, I learned allot and looks like a great bench!I noticed many of the pocket holes were screwed in on the inside going outward. Just for people who don't know, this makes for a weaker connection. For a stronger connection drill your screw towards the inside of the wood. There are plenty of videos out there that explain why this is, and how to plug the holes. Hope this tip is helpful.Liked and subscribed!

Freak Freaky

Where's the laughing emoji for this video?

Chris Burnsed

Better than porn


Geeta Majumdar

Plz tell me without beater how to beat whipping cream? love ur backing

bob smith

Chess is gay

BanggJEE Channel

Ada kontes yaa

The Cheap Fragrance Enthusiast

Goes to university with an IQ of 70 - ok then

Zachary May

R.I.P Buddy

Shin Kuyuki

I want get one...

Ram Homier

Kinda curious how you get so cheap huge dowels to make all that wood under 10$


Alexandra should really get credit for the counter-Botez Gambit. Show some respect and call it the Botez counter-Botez gambit.

Garth N

Are the boards properly oiled? Or over-oiled? They must be so saturated with oil after a few minutes in an oil bath, that they are still leaking oil after weeks?

Snow does Gacha

Watching this makes me feel so old

Blazing Fire

The Great Wall of China the Bishop and Knight

X-75 Hurricane

I know diddly squat about 3d printing but thought I'd check it out with my 12 year old granddaughter...very interesting! So how much are these latest machines worth???

Travis Sloan

Hearing Alexandra cackle when he stalemates is the best part of the video

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The chest and wrestling is a real sport

R. Ben Bahry

I’m so disappointed in mayor Pete. Bernie 2020

Oca Candelario

I like so much thisstoryna subrang ko nang luha .

Arriaga Two

"Excalibur Explorer Deluxe" sounds pretty much like an adult rated movie


Great video - thx KC.

O.S.I. Intelligence

I have come to find out that the people that don't like this game can't play it too good..You bettter put your big boy or big girl pants on if you play this game


I had one with the floppy drive and I sold it for 50 bucks or something like that. I regret it.