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She is fucking awesome.I like your empathy for rematch!What I'd like to do with you,.Nf3 black has the interesting 3.And actually "crisis actor" Kasparov did also give a kickoff to this 911 event 6 years before in the WTC.Your body be like, yo dog we heard you like cancer.Thank you for making the thumbnail game the first one to go over.

Chess tournament is coming tomorrow, wish me luck !Carlsen’s endgame skill is extraordinary.In 13:11 if white rook captures black rook after other black rook can to captures black queen don't have to captures white rook." is the answer you get.I found this video very interesting.The grace of japanese katana.Pos all of them may they rottt.What kind of wood.

What the purpose

What the purpose

I really enjoy watching and following you at chess.King can't capture the other King or Queen.No one suspected foul play when her son stopped going to school?Bee) ifloor(random(cols))jfloor(random(rows))gridij.Absolutely gorgeous!1:55:28 Magnus eyes proof of robot.Love your videos.

That process is bulletproof.

That process is bulletproof.

Also 2 has more angles than 2 ( it as 4 internal angles) so this explanation DON'T WORKS unless you writing 2 as a Z which has more logic to all story.I love your work man!Well this was just lovely.If i was him i would sacrafice my queen and then trap her with a checkmate.This is an interesting story However, Useless.PUZZLE ME BUZZLE.

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Ever wonder if a suicide is really someone making someone else kill themselves. Like if i had a gun with 6 bullets and gave u a gun with 1 bullet could i make u shoot urself? Idk seems like it could happen

John Kaszanek


Tim Wood

ba3, pawn recaptures, qa3, knight recaptures, ra3, ra2. black loses

Pugilist Enthusiast

Dexter was trash after season 2 any way.

Paul Ballmann

I am in awe!Truly incredible.

Rare Bird

nice for team Jerry


How long will that stove stay on


lol I hope trump quits he is a moron


Sounds like a dream job


They just cut a thermas

Joe Bianco

Thanks Mark!We got 1st place in 4 of 4 heats and "Fastest in Wolves" thanks to this video!And this was our first pinewood derby race!

Drew Potts

Thank you so much! You explained everything perfectly! Cheers mate


I am just not into the try guys anymore. I really liked them on buzzfeed and when they started their channel but now they are targeting the preteen demographic and I am not a preteen. I am almost 30

Kawaii Chan

3:00 Eugene was blushingggg

Knightz, Kardz and Groovez

what about 1b3 b6


Guess what its Xmas and i believe in the Halloween Gambit. Three cheers to chess.com the most interactive and fun leaning game portal on planet earth.

Dalek Supreme

My question is: how are the aluminum frames on the Prusa printers made?

Matthew Lamb

Nice work.

andrew clough

please dont use that joint..... its so so so ugly. just use dovetail for christ sake.

de Vaul f

She should have played h5,

Anuj Grover

engine's second best recommendation is actually22 . ... Nxd7

I Love Sis vs Bro

Best collection ever. Thanx for uploading this

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