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Do u know heidenhain over there in the us?Can anybody pls explain me what does third-party code mean?If they made a one man chess game.Also will they warp or bow over time?Don’t do a review if you’re not a fan.You never played in OTB tournaments?Those meal aren't pasta bolognese.

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It does not however

It does not however

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Con estas reglas

Con estas reglas

Tetep aja beda jalan.I loved when he said yes you will be getting 1 ) ) ) and then that pink fabric !I hope you know that every single person noticed you switched seats.What a fun, and a prof!I remember being 4 playing poker with my grammie and her friends all sat around her kitchen table.THUMBS UP FOR VIDEO!Beautiful joint and I love that you made your own jigtemplate!

That lamp is excellent.Instead of 0-0 if Ne6 then what?RxN due to the pin, he can just as easily play 3.I know it's one of the most boring thngs for most people.Please sir make cricket bat!

Robert Snodgrass

I have this game at home, and will occasionally play with my friends. However, we've found that it is surprisingly easy for the defensive team to have their king escape. In fact, we've all been competing in trying to be the FIRST to win as the attackers. It's loads of fun and I would recommend it. If anyone does have a strat by the way, please do let me know, I will gladly put it into effect and see what happens.

Barry Roberts

Congratulations Steve on the 10 years and of course the 1 million subscribers, by the way great video and you finally finished the Chess Set........... at last, i even remember watching that video.Love the ending as well ha ha ha.Barry (ENG)


Carlsen inaccuracies - 1, the engine didn't disapprove of any other moves he made LOL he's almost a human engine already :D

Pat Vail

now set that in the middle of a table and make it a biker table

Big Ben

I beat two of my friends in chess fairly easily because of your videos!!


"My internet service provider failed to provide me with the service of internet." Nice one


absolutely incredible

Justin Overholtzer

This video reminds me of the Japan tsunami...

Rylie Poston

Did anyone get out their sketchbooks/ a pencil and started drawing? No just me, ok.

Lovely Aya

So because she was an ex-drug addict, they shrug their shoulders and said ahh ?! It appears that Canada isn’t as kind and caring as people make it out to be either!


I thought he said "Which is fucking the king and the queen" 4:14

quentin girard


Muhammad Bin Jawad

Waooooo brilliant work love from Pakistan


What if white play .5.Bd3?1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 Nc6 4. Nxc6 dxc6 5. Bd3 Bc5 6. O-O Ng4 7. h3 h5 Is that correct?